Use These 3 Types of Google Ads to Market Your Junk Removal Business

    Aug 19, 2019

    In order to successfully grow your business you need to have an effective junk removal marketing strategy in place. You not only need the plan, but you need flawless execution to make sure that you are acquiring leads at a cost that makes sense financially.

    There’s a big difference between leads that sit stagnant and leads that convert at a high rate, turning into customers for your junk removal business. In order to generate the highest quality leads you need to be using marketing channels that have the potential to deliver customers that are actively seeking to hire a local junk removal company.

    Google Ads is one of the best junk removal marketing options available, giving you the ability to place highly targeted offers in front of local customers that have an immediate need of junk removal.

    Within the Google Ads platform exists several different options, and we are going to explain the three types of Google Ads that when combined together, can help you constantly generate new leads that convert at a high rate into customers for your junk removal business. We specialize in helping junk removal companies setup, launch and scale profitable Google Ads campaigns.

    1. Google Local Service Ads for Junk Removal Businesses

    This is one of the most overlooked Google Ads options, yet it’s one of the best for lead generation. It uses the same type of bidding strategy that a traditional Google PPC campaign uses, but it gives the potential customer an option to immediately call your junk removal business with one click or submit an inquiry directly from the ad.

    Google Local Service ads skip the landing page click-through and generate a warm lead right away. This results in high conversion rates because there is no fall-off from landing page and offer abandonment.

    As the business owner, you are able to manage all of your leads via the Google Ads dashboard or the dedicated app that is used exclusively to field calls and messages. This gives you the ability to connect with your leads instantly. As you are well aware of, the chances of converting a lead are highest when they initially submit. If you let leads sit and cool off the close ration plummets greatly.

    This ad format generally attracts the highest quality lead because they are eager to speak to someone in order to satisfy their immediate need. Google Guaranteed is also something that your junk removal business can leverage, which is extended to all qualified businesses that run Google Local Service ads. It provides the customer with a guarantee equal to the full value of the service.

    Now, not all potential customers are ready to hire your business right away, but to attract those that are, this is one component of junk removal marketing that you need to be running on a consistent basis. If not, you are just allowing your competition to steal warm leads from right under your nose.

    2. Google Display Ads for Junk Removal Businesses

    Google Display Ads allow you to display image-rich banner ads — static or dynamic — on millions of websites and blogs, as well as on YouTube and Gmail. This format of Google Ads is a great compliment to your Google AdWords PPC campaign, as you are able to use display ads as a re-targeting tool to help turn prospects that have previously interacted with your ads and website into leads.

    The GDN (Google Display Network) includes inventory on millions of websites and blogs they have advertising agreements with, along with their own properties — Gmail and YouTube.

    Running display ads as a standalone marketing strategy for your junk removal business wouldn’t be effective, and I will explain why. The odds of someone randomly coming into contact with your display ad that is not only in your local market, but also in need of junk removal, would be incredibly high.

    But, when you create highly targeted display ads and market them against previous website visitors you can help pull prospects back that are on the verge of converting into a lead. Let’s dive into an example.

    Assume a local prospect searched on Google for a junk removal service and came in contact with your PPC ad and clicked-through, hitting your landing page with an offer for a free junk removal estimate. Rather than fill out the form they leave your website.

    A display ad re-marketing campaign will then follow them around the internet, displaying banner ads that say something along the lines of, “Come back and let us give you that free junk removal quote!” They might need to see the ad once or several times, but eventually there is a good chance that they will click-through and convert into a lead.

    3. Google Search Ads (PPC) for Junk Removal Businesses

    Google Search Ads are the most common format, and this is what most people are talking about when they mention Google PPC or Google AdWords. It’s one of the most frequently used search engine marketing strategies because it’s a source of instant traffic and valuable data that can be used for growth and scaling of not only the Google Ads campaign, but your SEO efforts as well.

    When we map out a SEM pay-per-click campaign for your junk removal business there are several areas we focus on.

    Keyword Research

    The focus needs to be on relevance and intent, rather than search volume. We want to attract clicks from potential customers that have a high probability of converting into a lead. This leads to higher click-through rates, limited wasted ad spend, and a lower CPL (cost-per-lead).

    QS (Quality Score) Optimization

    Quality Score is something that can always be improved, and in doing so it will give your ads more visibility and a lower CPC (cost-per-click). It’s extremely beneficial to have a well optimized campaign.

    When everything is relevant, from the targeted keywords and ad copy to the landing page text, it improves the QS. Ads perform better and costs decrease — in the end we are able to generate more leads for your junk removal business at a lower acquisition cost.

    Split-Testing Ad Copy and Offers

    In order to attract the highest quality junk removal leads for your business, we have to test several ad copy variations, from different headings and ad body text to different calls-to-action. Even when winning combinations are discovered and scaled, new ad sets need to be introduced into the mix and tested. We then adjust the budget accordingly, funneling the majority of the spend to the best performing ads.

    The offer also needs to be tested — some of the most common CTAs include free estimates, discounts or the inclusion of an up-sell or upgrade service at a highly discounted rate.

    Constant Data Analysis

    Google Search Ads gives us access to a lot of valuable data that we have at our disposal for analyzation. Not only can this be used to improve the performance of the junk removal PPC campaign, but we can also take keyword data and use it in our organic search (SEO) effort as well.

    We are able to see what keywords attract the most clicks, what ad copy pulls the highest CTR and where the majority of the leads originate from. This can help our SEO efforts tremendously, by targeting the best keywords, writing page titles and meta descriptions that will pull a high click-through rate and even knowing what kind of offer will perform the best, generating the highest quality junk removal leads.

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