Junk Removal Marketing 101: Taking Advantage of Google’s Marketing Tools

    Jul 16, 2019

    When it comes to marketing your junk removal business online, Google is the number one platform to focus on. With nearly nine out of ten internet searches being performed on Google, it’s important that you have a solid presence across all of Google’s marketing platforms and tools.

    In order to grow your junk removal business, you not only need to understand Google’s organic algorithm — attracting junk removal reviews and optimizing your Google My Business profile to display at the top of the Google Maps results, but you also need to understand how its paid option, Google Ads, can be leveraged for immediate exposure, website traffic, leads and customers.

    Google: More Than Just a Search Engine

    When it comes to marketing your trash service or dumpster rental company, being found in the organic map results is likely to be the first thing that comes to mind, but Google has more to offer your junk removal business in terms of marketing opportunities through its other offerings — all of which can help you attract local customers and improve your marketing efforts.

    There are several free Google tools that you can use to track, monitor and optimize your marketing effort. From its Analytics tool that provides in-depth data related to your website visitors to its Search Console, which provides valuable information related to how your website displays — and what triggers it to show — in the search results.

    There are numerous marketing tools available from Google that can help your junk removal business thrive online, when used correctly. Some of them are completely free to use, making them an invaluable addition to your marketing campaign.

    To help you understand how you can leverage all of Google’s marketing tools to help grow your junk removal business, we decided to put together a list of the most popular — and effective — tools and platforms available to help your junk removal business succeed online by using all Google has to offer.

    Google My Business

    A Google My Business account is something you should definitely have set up for your junk removal business. It’s much more than a traditional business listing. Your Google My Business account is what Google pulls data and information from when it comes to their search and maps results.

    Simply put, you want to make sure you not only have a Google My Business profile, but you need to make sure it’s optimized correctly in order to maximize the reach and exposure you are able to pull from the organic search and maps results.

    Setting up and claiming your listing can be done in a matter of minutes, but the optimization can be the tricky part. From complete profiles to accurate NAP (name, address and phone number) data and fully-optimized descriptions of the services your junk removal business provides, this is where the expertise and experience of a junk removal marketing company comes into play.

    Not only can we help you set up your Google My Business listing, but our team of experts will optimize it fully, helping your junk removal company rise to the top with the most comprehensive profile optimized for organic search and the local maps.

    Google Maps

    Being found on Google Maps is important for any local business — you want your junk removal business to be featured on Google Maps when a potential local customer searches for the services that your business provides.

    Being found on Google local search results is imperative, making search engine optimization for your junk removal business a major component of the marketing effort. Google doesn’t make its local search algorithm a complete mystery, explaining how Google Maps results are determined:

    “Local results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence. These factors are combined to help find the best match for your search.”

    Now, while this isn’t a cookie-cutter tell-all, it does explain that Google is interested in displaying the most relevant local businesses in relation to the user’s search query and location.

    Proper optimization of your Google My Business page in relation to your location and services offered plays an instrumental role in being found in the Google Maps results. We are experts when it comes to Google local ranking, pushing your GMB listing to the top of the map results.

    Google Reviews

    Accumulating junk removal reviews serve two purposes, making them a very important focal point of your marketing effort. First, Google reviews directly contribute to local SEO — collecting positive reviews on a consistent long-term basis will help to push your junk removal business listing to the top of the local map results.

    Search engine optimization aside, they also help to convert potential leads into paying customers. The average consumer is always going to take the time to seek out and read reviews on any business, whether it’s a service provider like you or a local restaurant they are thinking of visiting.

    It’s inevitable — they want to read reviews, so put processes in place to help you collect and accumulate reviews consistently.

    Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews, etc. — they all play a key role in not only local SEO, but also converting potential leads into paying customers. They are the most powerful form of social proof.

    Google Analytics

    In order to get the most out of your junk removal business marketing, it’s important that you have access to, and analyze, as much data as possible. Google Analytics provides you with insight related to your website traffic.

    Analyzing your Analytics will show you where your website visitors came from (organic search, paid ads, content marketing, email marketing, etc.) and what they did while on your website.

    Did they stick around and read content? Did they leave right away? Did they submit a lead form? Knowing what they did — and didn’t do — can help you fine tune your website as well as your conversion funnel to increase the number of phone calls and leads you generate.

    Understanding your data and then taking action to improve your conversion rates will help you generate more leads and sales with the same marketing budget. Then, once you know what your most profitable traffic sources are, you can scale up while cutting back on the less lucrative marketing channels. This is how you truly grow your junk removal business using online marketing and advertising.

    Google Search Console

    Just as Google Analytics is a free tool that provides you with priceless insight and data, Search Console also helps you better understand how your website is performing in the Google search results.

    The Google Search Console dashboard will show you information related to your website’s health in terms of visibility. You will see how many of your web pages are indexed on Google and how much organic traffic it’s attracting, along with how many impressions each page is receiving, what keywords or search terms are triggering them to display, as well as the click-through-rate (CTR) of each — this is all data that can help you drastically scale the growth your junk removal company online.

    This is something that we can assist you in setting up and show you how to monitor it as well. The data within Search Console is also something our SEO team uses to monitor visibility as well as identify new search terms and phrases to target organically.

    Google Ads give you the opportunity to place highly targeted pay-per-click ads in front of potential customers that are actively looking for a local junk removal service. There are many benefits of running a junk removal pay-per-click campaign.

    SEO takes time and you might have to wait months before you start to see significant traffic numbers roll in, but with PPC, you are able to target local customers and drive traffic, leads and sales almost instantly.

    Google local service ads are positioned at the top of the search results, even above the top map listing, so you can occupy prime real estate, putting your offer right in front of local consumers that are in need of hiring a junk removal company.

    Running Google pay-per-click ads for your junk removal company allows us to also test keyword performance prior to investing the time and resources on the SEO-side. We are able to quickly learn what keywords generate the most leads, the highest quality leads in terms of converting to customers, etc.

    Just because a keyword or search term might seem like it would attract customers you never truly know until you test, and PPC allows us to do just that. We can then take the top performing keywords from the Google Ads campaign and target them organically, dominating both paid and organic traffic.

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