How to Leverage Google Reviews to Grow Your Junk Removal Business

    Sep 19, 2019

    A complete and highly effective junk removal marketing strategy requires several components all working together to help attract more visibility online, drive more website traffic, and ultimately, more leads that eventually convert into customers.

    Attracting a steady flow of incoming Google reviews can not only greatly benefit your search engine marketing, but it also helps you generate quality leads for your junk removal business. It’s one thing to master accumulating Google reviews, but that alone isn’t going to magically make your phone ring off the hook. You have to know how to leverage those reviews to help grow your junk removal business.

    In this blog post we are going to outline some simple — and easy to implement — strategies to help your junk removal business attract more Google reviews, as well as how to leverage those reviews in a way that has a positive impact on your online marketing effort. Let’s jump right in.

    First, You Need to Attract More Reviews

    Simply put, you are going to generate leads for a junk removal business much easier with not only plenty of Google reviews, but a consistent flow of recent reviews. A potential customer is going to put more weight on a review from the past month than a review that is several years old, regardless of how great it is.

    There are several ways you can attract more junk removal Google reviews, and I’d encourage you to think of some outside-the-box strategies, while at the same time implementing these examples below. The required effort is minimal, and these four examples work very well.

    1. Ask your previous customers to leave a review.

    Junk removal marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. We often hear a lot of business owners stress about reviews.

    How do we get more of our previous customers to leave a review?”

    This is the most common question we hear. Our response is, “Ask them!”

    If you provide a great service and your customer is happy with the level of professionalism and the overall experience, then why wouldn’t they leave a review? The truth is, most of your junk removal customers will not know that you would appreciate if they left a review unless you ask them.

    Furthermore, many of them might not be aware of how Google reviews even work or that the two minutes it takes them to leave a review will have a positive impact on your business. The majority of your past customers will be happy to do it — you just have to ask them.

    2. Include an automated-ask in your final ‘Thank You’ email.

    One of the most effective junk removal advertising growth-hacks is asking for referral business. Even if a satisfied customer doesn’t know anyone with an immediate need for junk removal, there is a good chance that they will in the near future.

    Your email marketing flow should incorporate a final ‘Thank You’ email that lets your customers know how much you appreciate their business, and that any referrals would also be greatly appreciated. You can also incorporate an ‘ask’ at the end that explains how positive Google reviews are important for your business, along with a link to your Google Maps listing (Google My Business).

    Make sure your instructions are clear, assuming that the recipient isn’t familiar with the process. This will greatly increase the number of reviews you are able to secure this way.

    3. Optimize your website for reviews.

    In order to generate leads for your junk removal business your website needs to be optimized for conversions. The same applies to reviews — there are little things to you can to improve its optimization, helping you to attract more junk removal Google reviews.

    Including a section on your homepage that displays your most recent reviews and directs visitors to a dedicated review page will not only help you attract more reviews, but it will also contribute to improving your lead conversion rates.

    Previous customers can easily find your reviews and click-through to your Google profile to leave their review, while prospective customers can easily locate and read your reviews. If they like what they see it will help push them towards your conversion offer.

    4. Offer an incentive for past customers to leave a review.

    You can ask directly and you can create automated follow-up email sequences that encourage reviews, but there will always be some past customers that fall through the cracks. Offering an incentive is an easy way to limit that fall-out.

    Junk removal marketing, like all marketing, often requires a little creativity. You don’t have to worry about a massive financial cost either, as it’s more about the thought than the actual monetary value of the incentive offer.

    Something as simple as, “Your next coffee is on us!” can help you convert the majority of your past junk removal customers into glowing Google reviews. It shows them that you value their time, and you would be surprised at how many people that might otherwise ignore the request will do it for a $5 Starbucks gift card.

    This little act of kindness can also help you attract more junk removal referrals as well.

    Next, You Have to Properly Leverage Your Reviews

    Now, once you have mastered attracting a consistent flow of junk removal Google reviews you need to put them to use. From helping to convert more leads on your website to attracting a higher click-through rate on your Google Maps listing, reviews are a major contributing factor.

    Here are four ways that you can easily leverage your junk removal reviews to help you grow your business. These are all proven to be effective, as they are the basic foundational strategies we use for our junk removal marketing clients.

    1. Use them as social proof on your website near your CTAs.

    Positive reviews instill consumer confidence and trust. If you incorporate your reviews close to your calls-to-action it can help you generate leads for junk removal at a much higher rate than if there were no reviews in sight.

    When someone is on the fence regarding converting — whether it’s calling your business directly or submitting a quote request form — reviews can help push them towards that conversion with much less resistance.

    First-hand experience and feedback, even from strangers, plays a big part in the decision making process. The more reviews and social proof you can provide near your CTAs, the more website traffic you are going to convert into leads.

    2. Create social media content using customer reviews.

    If you don’t get creative your junk removal marketing and junk removal advertising is going to get stale quickly. Junk removal isn’t exactly the most glamorous business, making coming up with effective social media content difficult.

    Since social media is such a large part of society you must have a presence and be active — but it takes creativity to stand out. Posting reviews in the form of quotes or video testimonials from actual customers is a great way to leverage your reviews to not only give you content for social media, but also connect with potential customers and eventually turn them into leads. You can also experiment using excerpts from reviews in your junk removal Google ads.

    3. Optimize your Google My Business page for maximum organic exposure and referral traffic.

    Many business owners will set up a Google My Business profile simply to collect reviews, and completely ignore optimizing it for maximum organic exposure. The information within your Google My Business profile is what Google uses to determine when and where to display your business listing in the search results.

    If you want to achieve a higher listing in the Google Maps results your profile is going to have to be optimized perfectly. This includes not only junk removal Google reviews, but also complete business information and contact details, along with a fully optimized description that helps Google understand what it is exactly that your business does, and where.

    4. Implement schema markup on your website to help improve your website’s CTR.

    Schema markup is code that helps Google understand the information and data on your website. When implemented correctly, you can have your average star rating, as well as the number of reviews your Google My Business page has, show up in the organic search results outside the Google Maps results.

    The majority of your junk removal marketing effort will revolve around optimizing your position in the Google Maps results, but there is also the circumstances that cause your website to be shown in the more traditional organic results.

    When this happens, having that schema markup on your website can make your listing stand out more, attracting more click-throughs. Over time this contributes to generating more junk removal leads.

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