What is Voice Search SEO?

    Apr 19, 2021

    Voice search SEO is the process of optimizing user-facing content - like blog posts, Google My Business listings, and web pages - so that people can find it using smart...
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    Getting Beyond the Keywords: 5 SEO Tips for Local Businesses

    Mar 25, 2021

    When we talk about search engine optimization (SEO), we often focus on keywords. But that isn’t the only factor that plays into your SERP ranking. In fact, there are many...
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    How to Start a Local Business Blog [+29 Blog Post Ideas]

    Mar 05, 2021

    Content marketing – specifically local business blog writing – has opened the door for many small businesses to reach their target audience easily. It’s built their site authority, strengthened their...
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    SEO: The Answer to Google’s New Zip Code Targeting Policy

    Feb 19, 2021

    The goalposts for digital advertising success are constantly moving. The cost of keywords changes from day to day. Fluid factors (like the ones that make up your ad quality score)...
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    What is a SERP? (+Why Does It Matter to Local Businesses?)

    Feb 17, 2021

    CRM. CPC. SEO. CTA. Digital marketing is chock full of acronyms and jargon. But memorizing all of them is virtually impossible unless you make your living developing digital marketing strategies...
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    SEO for Household Objects? Maybe …

    Dec 14, 2016 Jessica Jones

    Sometimes new evolution in technology may seem like a joke at the start. The idea of every appliance in our homes connecting to the internet and/or to other devices -...
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    Duck Duck What Now?

    Sep 28, 2015 Jessica Jones

    A couple years ago I wrote a post about search engines and whether there can be only one, coming, of course, to the conclusion that Google is, by far, the...
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    Google Business View - Don't just tell customers where you are, show them around!

    Sep 21, 2015 Jessica Jones

    So you’ve set up your Google+ account, claimed and optimized your Google My Business listing and made sure you’ve got a Google Map accessible from your site. Is there anything...
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    Apps and SEO - Will iOS 9 Change the Game?

    Aug 31, 2015 Jessica Jones

    When you hear the term SEO, you probably think about websites. Websites and their ability to be found easily have been the core of SEO for … well, as long...
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    Google Alphabet: Will it Affect Your SEO?

    Aug 21, 2015 Jessica Jones

    Google has been providing us with plenty to talk about lately - last week we discussed the changes to Google+; this week we’re going to touch on Google’s announcement that...
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