5 Tips for Using Google My Business to Attract New Customers to Your Junk Removal Company

    Jun 29, 2020

    The end goal of any junk removal marketing campaign is to ultimately generate more business by attracting leads and customers through various platforms and channels – with Google being the most popular and profitable in terms of ROI potential.

    Google can be a never-ending source of leads and junk removal customers, and one of the easiest ways to be found by local customers interested in junk removal is to have a Google My Business profile that is optimized correctly.

    It’s important that your GMB profile is optimized for the keywords and search terms local consumers are going to be typing into Google when they are in need of junk removal service. It’s a service that isn’t one most consumers will spend a lot of time researching. When they do their initial Google search they are ready to hire – they have an immediate need they are looking to find a solution for.

    Regardless of what that need is – as long as it pertains to the removal of junk, you want to make sure that your business is the one that shows up on the top of the local search results and in the first position on Google Maps.

    Why is your Google My Business listing so important? For starters, it contains information that Google’s local search and Maps algorithm pulls from when determining what results to display to its users and in what position on the map to display those business results.

    That’s where we come into the picture. Our team of junk removal SEO experts will correctly optimize your Google My Business listing to improve your online visibility for your local market, generating more search impressions and leading to more profile views, website traffic, leads and customers.

    Your GMB profile is a great tool for attracting new customers for your junk removal company. Here are some tips to help maximize its effectiveness.

    1. Ensure Your Business Contact Information is Updated

    Many businesses that set up a Google My Business profile will do so and then forget about it. They mistakenly assume that it’s a set-it-and-forget-it task, and once it’s set up they never have to worry about it again.

    This is the complete opposite of what is true. If your GMB profile isn’t complete or has incorrect information it can have a negative impact on your junk removal search engine optimization. This can prevent your business from appearing on the Google Maps results.

    There is a very good chance that the information you enter for your business will eventually change. For example, what if you have a local number when you start, and that is what you input into your GMB profile, but then as you grow you migrate over to a custom 800 number – think of all the missed opportunities having your old phone number listed will result in.

    It should make perfect sense as to why Google would pull data from its own business directory for the local search results. It’s their data – they technically own it. It’s a good idea to make it a habit of routinely auditing your Google My Business listing. The few minutes it takes could end up catching errors that would be very costly if left incorrect.

    2. Improve Junk Removal SEO with GMB Content Publishing

    Content marketing is something all businesses have had to embrace over the past few years – even service providers like junk removal companies. In fact, we help several junk removal businesses develop content marketing strategies to attract organic traffic to their websites and then inform, educate and then convert those visitors into customers.

    Well, now that junk removal local marketing strategy can be applied to your Google My Business profile. Google is constantly releasing new features for local businesses, and content publishing is one of the newest options, allowing you to publish blog posts and bits of information directly to your GMB listing.

    Why would you want to do this in addition to publishing content on your company’s blog? Two reasons:

    1. Junk Removal SEO: The same approach applies to your GMB that is used for your website – publishing content on a regular basis tells Google that your website is a constant source of new information. It also gives you the opportunity to rank for, and pull traffic from, keywords that your content is designed and optimized around.

    2. Direct GMB Conversions: When a potential junk removal customer lands on your Google My Business listing they might be ready to make a hiring decision. If they see information that leads them to believe you are the best option they will be more likely to contact your business right away. Not all potential customers need a lot of nurturing and reassurance. Publishing content on your GMB listing allows you to address common concerns and answer typical questions in advance.

    This is just another example of how online marketing, and specifically content, continues to evolve over the years. We are constantly up to speed on the newest features and strategies, which is a reason the top junk removal companies across the country trust us to handle their entire online marketing effort.

    1. Optimize the Google My Business Listing for Top Google Maps Ranking

    You cannot just casually fill out a Google My Business listing and expect it to perform well when it comes to junk removal SEO and ranking at the top of the Google Maps listings.


    It just doesn’t work that way. If it were that easy every junk removal company would have an endless amount of leads and customers flooding their website day in and day out. In truth, the top few listings will do well, but the rest have to fight over the crumbs.

    You have two options. You can complete your GMB and cross your fingers, hoping for the best, or you can hire an expert junk removal marketing agency like ours to optimize your Google My Business listing to rank at the top of the results, consistently attracting new customers.

    There is a proven strategy we use that helps us position your business at the top of the results, but it’s more than just your position that drives sales. Impressions and views are great, but conversions are the numbers that dictate whether a junk removal marketing effort is working or not.

    Phone calls, contact requests, etc. – these are the numbers that matter and our campaigns are designed to drive these numbers up. After all, this is what is responsible for business growth and it all begins with a Google My Business listing that’s correctly optimized.

    4. Build Credibility Through Your GMB Listing

    While Google rankings are important, another part of a successful junk removal company marketing effort involves building your company’s credibility. You see, when we are able to make a potential customer feel immediately confident it removes any barriers, leading to more of your GMB visitors converting to sales.

    This is another reason why it’s so important to build out your Google My Business profile correctly. From images that highlight key selling points – like staff and your fleet of junk removal vehicles – to complete information on the listing that helps consumers make informed decisions; these added details make your business listing stand out.

    Another reason we put so much effort into our junk removal search engine optimization is because of the branding and credibility the top Google Maps positions bring, in addition to just the potential website traffic and lead generation.

    Dominating the top real estate on Google is looked at favorably by consumers. It’s natural consumer behavior to assume that the top listings are the top businesses.

    5. Leverage 5-Star Junk Removal Google Reviews

    Your Google My Business profile is also where all of your Google reviews are contained. When a past customer wants to leave your business a review they do so on your GMB profile. Someone interested in possibly hiring your junk removal company is going to read previous reviews directly on your listing.

    The number of junk removal Google reviews that your business has, in addition to your average rating, is visible in the Google Maps listings. Someone doesn’t need to visit your actual listing in order to see how many reviews you have.

    This can really help you stand out in the results, especially if you aren’t in the number one position. If you have more reviews than the top listing and a higher overall star rating you can pull some of the clicks and interest away from that top position.

    Some consumers will base their purchase decision solely based on reviews, which is why it’s so important that we try to get as many previous customers as possible to leave detailed reviews on your Google My Business listing.

    Online reviews are highly trusted, even by complete strangers. In fact, the average consumer will value a random review online the same way they would if a close friend recommended the company.

    Final Thoughts

    Some junk removal marketing agencies might try to sell you on complex solutions and throw a lot of industry jargon at you in order to overwhelm you – but that’s not how we operate. The foundation for a strong junk removal search engine optimization campaign begins with a Google My Business profile that is created with local search in mind.

    Any business can create a GMB listing. There is no cost associated with it – but you do need the knowledge and know-how of an experienced junk removal marketing company to help you leverage its full potential.

    If you would like to learn more about the online marketing services we offer and how we can elevate your Google My Business listing to the next level, driving more website traffic that converts into junk removal customers, contact us today.

    We offer a free no-obligation consultation, where we will audit your current online presence and determine the best strategy to help increase your business generated from online channels. Let us show you how we can turn your business into our next junk removal company success story.

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