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Display Ad Targeting

Target specific audiences, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions with visually engaging ads.

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Show your ads to those in your target geographical area, maximizing the relevance of your message.

Site Retargeting

Reconnect with people who have recently visited your website as they browse the web, keeping your brand top of mind.

Demographic Targeting

Reach your target demographic by narrowing your advertising audience by age, gender, or household income.

Contextual Targeting

Your ads will appear on pages with content that matches keywords or phrases related to your business, ensuring relevance.

Site Category Targeting

Get your message in front of a specific audience through relevant content on specific types of websites.

Behavior Targeting

Reach people whose online behaviors show their interest in specific products, services, or industries.

Dynamic Creative

Combine hyper-local targeting and dynamic creative to serve messaging based on viewer’s location or weather.

Mobile Geo-Location

Utilize smartphone GPS and ad display networks on mobile apps to reach potential customers based on precise location history.

Mobile Geo-Fencing

Serve your message to users on apps and mobile sites within a radius of a GPS location or pre-set boundaries.

Increase Brand Visibility

Display ads get your brand in front of your target customers, increasing brand recognition and loyalty.

Boost Website Traffic

Effective placements drive clicks, generating targeted traffic to your website and boosting conversions.

Vast Reach

Display ads offer vast reach, ensuring your message is seen by a wide audience across various platforms.

Precise Targeting

Reach new customers through ads running on relevant websites, targeting users based on specific demographics and criteria.

Visitor Retargeting

Retargeting ads shown to prospective customers who visited your website increase your conversion rate.

Enhance Marketing Results

Display ads enhance the performance of other marketing campaigns by growing brand awareness and recognition.

Travis Marine
Boat Service

“They will even educate you on how to maintain your website yourself, if you like, after they get it up and running!”

Matt Curmi

Matt Curmi

Travis Marine

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His Security
Alarm Service

“Excellent team who listened and problem-solved through a complete website redesign. They continue to be responsive to any issues or changes we request.”

Christine Dean

Christine Dean

His Security

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CRS Exteriors
Window Service

“Our SEO exposure has definitely increased with their direction and support.”

Glen Harness

Glen Harness

Owner, CRS Exteriors

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Included Display Ad Targeting Features

Our Display Ad Targeting packages come well-equipped.

Understanding Your Business Objectives

We take time to learn your goals, ideal customer, competition, and products to offer the best display advertising service.

Building the Strategy

Our account build process unites various channels using our in-house software, DataPulse, for a comprehensive campaign.

Relentlessly Improving

We continuously seek ways to improve campaign performance through the display network for better results.

Communication is the Key to Success

We’re an extension of your marketing team with a transparent approach, offering regular strategy calls, metrics reports, and more.

Account Strategy & Structure

Form a solid campaign structure and strategy based on your inputs to optimize your ad campaign’s success.

Audience Targeting

Develop an audience-targeting plan to ensure your display ads reach qualified consumers effectively.

Ad Improvements

Continuously monitor campaign performance to improve ad content, messaging, tone, and placement for increased conversions.

Campaign Refinement

Analyze campaign data to test and refine audience targeting and elements for maximized results.

AI-Driven Bidding

Utilize Skai’s intelligent marketing platform for smart bidding, combining rules and machine learning to stay competitive.

Tracking & Reporting

Access our reporting dashboard for detailed performance metrics and receive monthly PPC reports for analysis and improvement.

Banner Ads

Digital banners along articles or websites articulate key messaging, support brand development, and boost revenue.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads appear during app transitions, engaging users and conveying messages effectively.

Video Ads

Video ads are served on platforms like YouTube and social media networks, capturing user engagement through visuals.

Interactive Ads

Interactive ads include video, audio, or other elements to engage users, encouraging interaction with your content.

Mobile Display Ads

Display ads optimized for mobile devices, appearing on websites and apps, effectively targeting mobile users.

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