Using Google Ads & SEO to Grow Your Fencing Company

    Mar 10, 2020

    The most lucrative business growth opportunity exists on Google. A ongoing fence company SEO campaign matched with a fencing company PPC effort is the one-two punch that leads to explosive website traffic, an influx of qualified leads and a high customer conversion rate.

    There are other online marketing channels that can help grow your fence company. Social media, email marketing and content marketing are all viable strategies that we incorporate, but there is no denying the potential that Google provides.

    The search volume is unmatched. With more than 14.5 million searches per hour, it’s no wonder that the majority of all U.S. consumers turn to Google when they have a question or want to find a local business.

    It’s in your best interest to ensure that your fence company is shown to local consumers that are actively looking for the services that you provide. Being positioned at the top of Google’s local search results can send traffic to your website around the clock, generating highly targeted leads that you can convert into new customers.

    From paid Google ads to domination of the local Google Maps results, a well executed marketing strategy can help grow your fencing company faster than any other available advertising option.

    Let’s break down and explain how search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising need to be the primary focus on your fancy company’s online marketing initiative.

    Fence Company SEO

    Having your business listing show up at the top of Google for local fence service-related terms and inquiries can result in leads rolling in around the clock. When you mix organic and paid leads together, the fence company SEO effort can drastically reduce your cost per lead and customer acquisition.

    From building out a perfectly optimized fencing company Google My Business profile to building links and attracting customer reviews, there are many different components of the search engine optimization campaign that all work together to propel your business to the top. Let’s dive into what contributes to maximum online organic visibility.

    Google My Business

    The first step in showing up on the fencing company Google Maps results is to optimize your business profile for the keywords and search terms your ideal customer is likely to use in order to find a provider for the services you offer.

    Every other aspect of the fence company SEO effort could be executed flawlessly, but if your Google My Business profile isn’t optimized correctly it will never rank on top of the search results.

    Our SEO experts know what Google’s algorithm looks for, so the page is rebuilt from the ground up, specially optimized for the main keywords that prove to convert at the highest rate. From a description written to satisfy the algorithm and accurate contact and business identifying information, we make sure that we position your fency company to take full advantage of Google’s endless supply of organic traffic.

    Google Reviews

    Your Google My Business profile is also where past customers turn to when the leave fencing company reviews. Attracting 5-star reviews on a regular basis show Google that your business not only provides amazing service, but has so recently.

    Google reviews serve two purposes when it comes to the marketing of your fence company. First, they show Google that your business is a trusted resource that should be shown to local users that are in need of the services you provide. Second, they instill confidence in consumers that come in contact with your business via a Google search.

    We understand the importance of these reviews, while also understanding that you don’t have the time to chase down past customers to attempt to secure these. That is why we create automated sequences and fennels that are designed to convert a high number of your past customers into raving reviews — automatically.

    Link Building

    The final main component of a fencing company SEO campaign that results in top Google rankings is link building. Links continue to remain the number one trust signal that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration. While they will not publicly admit this, it’s very clear. Links have always been, and will continue to be, very important.

    We use a combination of content marketing and outreach to help secure links from trusted resources with high authority. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to link equity, so our focus is one securing links from relevant websites that Google will view as strong trust signals.

    Fencing Company PPC (Google Ads)

    Running fencing company ads allows us to attract leads and customers essentially overnight. Organic traffic can take a while to ramp up, but with a fencing company PPC we can drive traffic as soon as we publish the Google Ads campaign.

    Some business owners get scared of pay-per-click because they are paying for each click, but there is an important thing to consider. We are able to gather a lot of valuable data that not only helps the PPC and SEO efforts down the line, but we can analyze data as we do and make changes that result in more clicks and higher quality traffic, all at a lower cost.

    Also, because every aspect of the PPC campaign is highly measurable we can easily scale. Have the ability to field more leads? Great. We can turn up the volume. Overwhelmed with new jobs and need to slow down the elad volume for a week? That can be done as well. Fence company PPC provides us with unparalleled control.

    Traditional Pay-Per-Click

    The most common fencing company Google Ads is the standard pay-per-click ads, where you bid on keywords and pay per click. Those clicks are directed to the destination landing page that we specify for each ad set.

    So, the goal of these ads is to send a potential customer to a landing page on your website, provide them with information relevant to the service they searched for, and attempt to convert them into a lead. This can be done via a contact form or a direct phone call. It’s a good idea to give them both options. Some are ready to take immediate action and will pick up the phone while others will be more comfortable requesting information.

    Google Local Service Ads

    As mentioned above, traditional fencing company PPC ads will send traffic to your website and not all of those visitors are going to convert into a lead. Google’s local service ads eliminate your website from the equation and put the prospect in touch with you directly.

    When a prospect clicks on a Google local service ad they are given two options:

    1. Submit for more information: This is a standard lead capture form, and the leads information is delivered to in real-time. You monitor incoming leads via a dedicated app. These are warm leads so it’s important they are contacted right away to increase the chance of converting them into a customer.
    2. Call your business: With one tap they can instantly be connected to your fencing company. These live transfers are the hottest leads, as the consumer has a high interest in your services. These are also managed through the app. Making it a priority to answer these on the first or second ring will greatly improve your closing ratio.

    Google’s local service ads also extend a consumer protection plan that you are able to offer and use in the marketing message. It guarantees the full purchase price of any service purchased through this ad format.

    Google Display Network

    This final Google ad format is one that we tend to funnel the least amount of the ad spend towards. The GDN, or Google Display Network, is a large inventory of websites and blogs that monetize by running ads.

    The display ads we create will show up on these websites when a previous visitor that we have “tagged” and added to the remarketing list browses one of the millions of websites in the GDN. We are able to place highly targeted offers in front of them in hopes of driving them back to your fencing company website.

    The opportunity here is a smaller window than you would have if you were selling a physical product. If someone lands on your website and doesn’t convert into a lead we want to place an offer in front of them to entice them to request more information.

    After abandoning your website we have a few days to lure them back — either with a free consultation offer or some sort of discount. After that period of time there is a high likelihood that they hired another company. But, someone that is already familiar with your fencing company will convert if the offer presented to them is irresistible.

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