How To Use Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads to Show Off Your Fencing Work to Homeowners

    Jan 20, 2020

    Instagram and Facebook are the two most promising platforms for a successful fence company social media advertising campaign. They are the number one and number two networks in terms of both popularity and sheer user volume.

    Facebook boasts more than 220 million U.S. users and Instagram has more than 100 million active users in the United States. While the number of users is great — giving you plenty of potential fence customers to market to — it’s the targeting options both platforms give its advertiser that really makes this a strong marketing channel.

    Having an active social media presence on Instagram and Facebook is something every fence company needs, but it’s the paid ads that give you the most potential to draw attention to your fencing company and attract new local customers.

    Fence Company Social Media Marketing

    Running a fencing company social media marketing campaign — both organic and paid — serves a great purpose: showcasing your fence company’s work. Any time you can incorporate a visual element into your marketing it gives you an advantage.

    A text-based PPC ad, for example, will attract clicks and drive traffic when the keyword targeting is done correctly, but a visual ad attracts a much more excited and motivated visitor. The average consumer might assume all fence companies do the same quality work.

    But, you don’t want to be viewed as just another fence company. Using social media correctly allows you to showcase your best work, and leverage that talent to attract new customers. The feed on your fence company social media profiles should be a visual portfolio.

    This is your opportunity to show your potential customers what you are capable of. This is a great chance to “wow” them and turn them into a warm lead ready to be closed.

    Fence Company Facebook Ads

    Do you want to target people in your local market that have a high likelihood of being interested in looking at pictures of your work? Facebook allows you to target audiences based on their geographical location. There are also targeting tricks we can apply that will help us position your fence company Facebook ads directly in front of an ideal audience.

    You have to understand that we aren’t going in for the instant conversion right away. PPC ads on Google and SEO allows us to target specific keywords that have purchase-intent. Facebook ads for a fencing company is an entirely different strategy.

    First, we need to target people that might be interested in at least looking at some pictures of previous jobs your company has completed. We would target users that are located within a short radius of your business and who happen to be interested in home remodeling, home improvement and like the DIY Network.

    We can get extremely creative when it comes to fence company Facebook ads. We want to get people to like the ads and leave comments — as well as tag their friends. All of this is a great branding play and it allows us to retarget them with more aggressive offers in the future.

    The custom Facebook audience we build overtime becomes a highly valuable marketing asset.

    Cons of Facebook Ads for Fencing Companies

    There are a few cons that you need to be aware of when it comes to running Facebook ads for a fence company.

    • Facebook ads are some of the most expensive online media. There is a huge demand for ad inventory because they perform so well. On the other hand, you will be able to get impressions and engagement much cheaper than a national brand would, as you are only going to target a small area.
    • It can take a little time and money to optimize the campaign. You have to be willing to invest a little money on the foundational work.
    • Running a fence company Facebook ads campaign requires in-depth knowledge.

    Pros of Facebook Ads for Fence Companies

    The pros of Facebook ads for your fence company far outweigh the negatives:

    • Once optimized they have endless scalability.
    • The custom audience you build is an owned asset that you can continue to market to, eventually snowballing your lead generation and customer acquisition efforts.
    • If a local consumer if your area is looking to hire a fence company there is a 99% chance they are active on Facebook and you can get directly in front of them, showcasing your talents through fencing Facebook ads.

    Fence Company Instagram Ads

    Instagram is the second most popular social media platform, right behind Facebook. In case you weren’t aware — Facebook owns Instagram. They have quite the monopoly when it comes to social media.

    It’s a much more visual platform, but that makes it great to showcase high quality images of your fence installation jobs and custom work. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook you have access to the same exact targeting as we use on the Facebook ads campaign.

    We will typically run a fence company Instagram ads campaign alongside a Facebook campaign. While the majority of the budget will be allocated for Facebook, we will also run ads on Instagram to really make a statement.

    If a local consumer sees your ads on Facebook and then again on Instagram they are going to take notice. It makes a statement and also increases the chance that they look at your content and possibly engage with it. Getting that first acknowledgement is key — it often leads to future likes, shares and comments in the future.

    Cons of Instagram Ads for Fencing Companies

    A couple cons when it comes to running fence company ads on Instagram:

    • You cannot place links in the ad copy, making it harder to build in creative CTAs. You can have a CTA button, which can direct the user to an external destination — but it’s more limited than Facebook.
    • Less consumers are going to see your fence company Instagram ads than the Facebook ads. There is just more volume available on Facebook.
    • Instagram is a more fast paced platform where users scroll quickly down their feed. It takes very creative content to get them to slow down a bit and even consider giving your content their attention.

    Pros of Instagram Ads for Fence Companies

    Of course there are pros of running fencing Instagram ads for your fence company — otherwise we wouldn’t include them in our fully managed marketing and lead generation campaigns.

    • There is far less competition on Instagram than Facebook, so there is plenty of ad inventory available. The overall cost of attention is lower on Instagram.
    • Instagram users love to tag friends in the comments section. This allows us to leverage this and get creative. Let’s pretend you are a fence company in Dallas, Texas. A caption like, “Tag three homeowners in Dallas that need this fence in their backyard” can help attract leads and strong brand positioning.
    • Creative images can go viral on Instagram, which can help you attract followers. Even if they aren’t local, having that popular image will help you convert more of the local audience we target. Anytime something is perceived as being popular, consumers show more of an interest.

    Final Thoughts

    When you introduce a well-designed fence company social media campaign across Instagram and Facebook you can place enticing visual content in front of local consumers that have a high likelihood of being interested in a new fence.

    Because of the targeting options that are available on the social media advertising platform you can really niche down your audience. Someone that is a homeowner and likes pages on Facebook related to home improvement and remodeling projects is going to be interested in what you have to offer.

    A highly engaging image will draw the initial interest and then you can retarget them with additional offers — free downloadable how-to guides, DIY teaser content, etc. Everything in the funnel is designed to inform and educate to the point that the consumer fully trusts your fence company and when it comes time to hire — you are the go-to option.

    Ready to leverage the reach and targeting of Facebook and Instagram ads? Contact us today to learn more about how we can increase your leads and customers with our fully managed social media marketing campaign management.

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