Fence Company Marketing 101: Top 3 Tips for Marketing Your Fencing Company

    May 18, 2020

    Google is the number one focus when developing a fence company marketing plan. It’s the number one source of website traffic and potential customers. When you have a complete marketing strategy that revolves around Google traffic, both organic and paid, you are able to attract leads around the clock.

    The fence company marketing campaign becomes a virtual employee that works around the clock, attracting local leads that are interested in hiring a local fence company. Attracting leads is one thing — we then have to develop systems and procedures to convert them into customers.

    There are a lot of options when it comes to marketing your fence company. There is a good chance you are constantly bombarded with offers, from traditional print and radio advertising to online options like social media marketing and email marketing.

    While there are many options and channels that can produce results, Google is hands-down the most lucrative. When someone is in need of a local fence company where do they turn? These days, they jump on their computer or grab their mobile device and search on Google.

    You have to be found on the top of those local search results if you want your business to thrive. Failing to position your company at the top of Google is a major mistake — thankfully it’s a mistake you can avoid.

    We help local fence companies just like yours occupy the most coveted top real estate in Google’s local search results, attracting quality traffic to your website. But sheer traffic numbers alone don’t impact your bottom line.

    Our agency specializes in converting those visitors into leads and then eventually customers. When you combine this with the ability to scale based on Google’s traffic potential, exponential growth is accomplished.

    Let’s discuss the three fence company marketing strategies we focus on to position you at the top of Google. It’s a combination of fence company PPC, fence company SEO and maintaining a solid online reputation that results in high-quality traffic that converts into leads and sales.

    1. Fence Company PPC (Google Ads)

    As a business owner, you want new customers today — not tomorrow and not weeks from now. Running a comprehensive fence company PPC campaign allows us to attract prospects almost instantly. Where other channels can take some time to get consistent traffic hitting your website, pay-per-click gives us access to those potential customers right away.

    There are three different fence company PPC ad formats we focus on. Each has its own purpose and when combined together it becomes a consistent, measurable and highly scalable source of fence customer leads.

    Google Local Service Ads

    With PPC you are paying for every click. If someone clicks on your ad, you pay. It doesn’t matter if they submit a form on your website or pick up the phone and call your business. Regardless of the outcome you are charged for the click.

    This is why it’s so important to target consumers that have buyer-intent. In order to maximize the number of opportunities you have to close new fence customers, we run local service ads. When someone clicks on this ad format they bypass your website.

    We still bid on keywords and identify a maximum cost-per-click for specific keywords and terms, but when the ad is clicked on the individual is given two options:

    1. Submit a request for more information: This is the same type of lead submit form they would complete on your website. The difference is they don’t have to first land on your site and then find the option. By removing that step it results in a much higher conversion rate. It’s important that you contact these leads right away, as they are clearly interested.
    2. Connect by phone immediately: Consumers that want to speak to someone right away have the option to be connected by phone. There is not a higher quality lead available. They are interested and willing to speak. Answering these calls and getting the lead on the phone while their interest is at the highest level will result in converting a high percentage.

    All of the leads that your local service ads generate are all managed through an app. This allows you to quickly reply to requests for information or field calls. These types of hot leads convert at a very high rate.

    Consumers that purchase services through local service ads are backed by Google Guaranteed. This covers the full price of anything they purchase through these ads. It’s a confidence inspiring perk that we can leverage, helping to close a higher percentage of leads.

    Fence Company Pay-Per-Click

    Standard fancy company PPC ads are also an important component of the paid Google ads campaign. It’s a great source of consistent traffic, and while we typically won’t bid as aggressively for some terms like we would for local service ads, we want to make sure your fence company is consistently present for all relevant location-based search terms.

    We do extensive keyword research and testing, optimizing ads to adjust the copy in order to gather the data necessary to lower the cost-per-lead across the campaign. The offers and landing pages the clicks are sent to are also constantly split-tested and optimized.

    The PPC data we collect also serves another purpose. We are able to test keywords and identify the ones that generate not only the most leads, but the highest quality leads that convert into sales. Those terms are then targeted in the organic search effort.

    Rather than blindly optimizing for keywords, we know thanks to the pay-per-click data what keywords are the most profitable.

    Google Display Network (Remarketing PPC)

    We want to maximize every dollar spent across your fence company marketing effort. If a consumer clicks on a PPC ad and lands on your website and leaves without calling your business or submitting a request for information it doesn’t mean they are not interested.

    They might have become distracted or they simply might not have been ready to commit to a consultation or quote request. To pull these potential leads back in we run a remarketing effort across the GDN.

    Google’s Display network consists of blogs and websites that monetize by running ads. Our remarketing effort will follow those that clicked but didn’t convert, placing enticing offers in front of them as they browse the internet

    Offers such as free quotes or even a discount perform very well, directing those consumers to a landing page where they can submit their information or instantly call your business. These display ads help capture leads that could otherwise request information from another company.

    This fence company PPC format effectively increases the number of leads the pay-per-click effort generates, while also reducing your lead and customer acquisition cost.

    2. Fence Company SEO

    The results that are shown on the top of Google’s organic local search is real estate you want to be sure you occupy. The Google Maps results are where the majority of consumers focus when they have a local need.

    The maps section commands attention — from the layout to the star ratings and reviews — it’s just very visually appealing on both mobile and desktop. When we develop a fence company SEO strategy it focuses around positioning your company at the top of the map results.

    This all begins with optimizing your Google My Business profile. If you don’t have your profile claimed yet we help you with that and build a new listing from the ground up. If you already have a Google My Business profile we re-build it and optimize it correctly, specifically to perform well in the local search results.

    As mentioned previously, we can tap into the PPC data to find the best keywords in terms of lead generation and customer-conversions, targeting them through the search engine marketing effort.

    While some SEO agencies focus on search volume alone, we look at two factors:

    1. Keyword difficulty: Targeting keywords and search terms that we have a realistic shot at ranking on the top for are a much better allocation of effort and budget. There is a big difference between ranking #1 for a keyword that has 1,000 monthly searches than ranking #67 for a term with 50,000 searches.
    2. Search intent: We target keywords that potential customers search for with the intent of hiring a fence company. We strive to generate leads and sales for your company — not just website visits.

    We understand how to execute a fence company SEO campaign that delivers results. We focus on long-term traffic generation and creating a solid base to build on.

    3. Fence Company Google Reviews and Online Reputation Management

    Your Google My Business profile that was mentioned above is also important for another reason — fence company reviews. Part of an overall effective fence company advertising campaign involves making sure your company has a positive image online.

    Not only do Google reviews help position your fence company as a trusted local option, but it also directly impacts your SEO in a positive manner. Positive reviews consistently being added to your Google My Business profile is a trust signal that the local search algorithm takes into consideration.

    Think about it for a minute. Google’s main goal is to provide its users with the most relevant and helpful information. Doing this keeps them coming back as users — it’s what is responsible for their domination when it comes to search engines.

    If a fence company has bad reviews or its almost recent review is more than a year old Google isn’t going to feel too confident suggesting that business to its users. For that reason, it will appear much further down in the results.

    On the other hand, a fence company with positive reviews and current ones, is likely to provide a great service. When you combine this with proper optimization of your Google My Business profile it results in top rankings.

    We have several strategies and processes that help your company effectively collect raving reviews from your previous customers. A large portion of this can be automated, effectively helping your company accumulate a consistent flow of reviews.

    This helps your SEO and gives potential customers the confidence in your business they require to push them toward that purchase decision.

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