4 Fence Company Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth

    Aug 11, 2020

    There are many ways to kick-off a fence company marketing effort, and with so many available options, from pay-per-click to content marketing and social media, it can be quite overwhelming if you attempt to manage and grow your business internally.

    This causes fence companies to look for an online marketing agency to take control of their lead generation and customer acquisition. The trouble is, the fence industry isn’t the same as other service-based local industries.

    The marketing strategies that work to attract car buyers or landscaping customers aren’t going to have the same results if applied to a fence company marketing campaign. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

    We are the premier fence company marketing agency, specializing in – you guessed it – helping fence companies grow online using both organic and paid Google traffic. Understanding the fencing industry and the services your business provides gives us an advantage over traditional agencies that cast a wide net and offer to help anyone in any industry.

    Having a laser-focused niche approach allows us to deliver results unmatched by other digital marketing agencies. Let’s review four tips that all contribute to fast growth. These are strategies we use in the beginning stages of all our fence company marketing campaigns.

    1. Optimize Your Fence Company Web Design for Conversions

    When we first speak to prospective agency clients they will want traffic. Instant traffic. This can be accomplished, as explained below, but we have to make sure we create an online environment designed to convert that traffic into leads and sales.

    What good will it do your business if we attract qualified customers to your website but they leave without calling your business or submitting a quote request? That would be a complete waste – both in terms of time and money.

    Your fence company web design plays a key role in converting traffic into leads and sales. If your website is clunky and slow-loading that poor user experience will cause visitors to quickly abandon your website and find another option.

    If your navigation is confusing and it’s a hassle to contact your business you can expect a high percentage of your traffic to bounce without converting. We have a complete fence company web design internal team that specializes in making websites look and function amazing.

    Complex websites are a thing of the past. Now it’s all about simplicity and creating the fastest and most convenient path-to-conversion as humanly possible. Before we do anything else we have to make sure that your website is optimized to convert your traffic, reducing your customer acquisition costs across the board.

    After onboarding a new client we map out a complete fence company SEO plan, and link building is often the main focus of the off-page SEO. There are many different strategies we use when mapping out a link building campaign, including:

    Blog Publishing and Outreach: This is a fence company search engine optimization strategy that has a one-two punch benefit. When we create blog content for your website we are creating an asset that over time will help attract organic search traffic. Each new blog post is an opportunity to target a new keyword. We can then use these pieces of content in our outreach efforts, giving other blogs and websites valuable information to link to.

    Content Asset Creation and Outreach: With outreach being so competitive these days we will often create more in-depth content assets to use, like how-to videos or interactive infographics. When you combine great information with something more interesting than a blog post you can attract links from more difficult placements.

    Guest Blogging: This is a great way to secure brand mention links, as most blogs will allow its authors to include a link back to their own website. This is also an opportunity to position that owner of your fence company as an industry expert.

    Local Service Reference Exchange: This is one of the most effective fence company SEO strategies for quick link building results. We identify local businesses that share a similar customer base but don’t compete and offer to create a local service referral page. It’s simple – you link to them and they link to you. Since it’s on local websites the possibility of referral business exists in addition to the fence company SEO link value.

    There are generally different link building efforts we can create for each client, but these have a lot to do with their location, market, and other case-by-case scenarios and factors.

    3. Solicit Fence Company Google Reviews for Your GMB Listing

    Collecting as many fence company Google reviews as possible from your former fence customers will do wonders for helping to push your listing up in the Google Maps results. These are the very first organic listings in the local search results.

    We fully optimize your entire Google My Business listing, as it’s the information contained in this that determines the position your fence company is shown in the Maps results and what keywords trigger that visibility.

    Beyond the listing completion and the optimization of your business description, your fence company Google reviews need to be the main focus. Having a steady flow of new reviews lets Google know that your business is active and it’s going to reward your business over another local business that may not have received any recent reviews.

    They are also important because most local customers are going to read through your fence company Google reviews before they hire your business. They want to see what other local customers think of your company before handing over their hard-earned money. 
Our fence company marketing agency has several effective strategies that work behind the scenes to help you accumulate fresh 5-star Google reviews from your past customers.

    A large number of reviews can also help you tremendously if you aren’t currently showing up in the first couple of positions. A 5-star average rating and more reviews than the listings above you can pull attention, clicks, calls, and customers from your competition.

    4. Google AdWords Local Services PPC

    While the search engine optimization strategies discussed above are highly effective, they do take time. However, there are ways to quickly tap into Google’s traffic and generate business almost instantly.

    One of the fastest fence company local marketing options is Google AdWords pay-per-click, and there is a specific format that can deliver your business incredibly warm leads that are ready to be closed.

    Local Services is the PPC format that we suggest, simply because it connects you with local leads that have an immediate interest. A traditional PPC visitor would be sent to your website with the hope of them either calling your business after seeing your number or submitting a form for a quote or more information.

    Not every click is going to convert, which drives up the cost of your leads. With Local Services ads, instead of visiting your website, the individual has the option to instantly connect to your business via a phone call or to submit a request to be contacted.

    Both of those options are managed on a mobile app, allowing you to answer the calls right away and respond to inbound requests for a callback. These potential customers clearly have an interest, so the faster you answer these calls and the quicker you contact those that request a callback, the higher your close-ratio will be.

    Final Thoughts

    Our fence company marketing results speak for themselves, and if you would like to learn how we can help your fence company attract more qualified customers every month, contact us for a no-cost consultation. Our team of fence marketing experts will audit your website and Google My Business profile, identifying ways to quickly grow your business by harnessing the abundance of traffic available from Google.

    The strategies we use to help grow fence companies will often use the tips we explained above as a foundational layer. This allows us to drive instant business via AdWords PPC, while also building a strong link building campaign that attracts organic traffic to your website.

    Through constant testing and optimization, we are then able to scale winning campaigns and identify new opportunities. There is a reason we are the number one fence company marketing agency – we deliver outstanding results.

    We invite you to be our next success story. Partner with a fence marketing company that has goals that align with your own: continued long-term growth.

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