Jason Fried from 37signals radio interview with Sean, Tom and Judy on WNOX FM 100.3

    Jun 27, 2009

    Many of our Knoxville-based customers know that I’ve been routinely co-hosting a radio show on Saturdays at noon called Your Opportunity Knox with Tom and Judy Irmen. Tom and Judy also own Everything Knoxville, a local publication highlighting all things Knoxville. The radio show’s format is tech and business talk, with a goal of helping small businesses leverage technology to reach their full potential. We’ve had several shows on sales, marketing, social networking, website design and everything in between.

    One topic we’ve discussed several times on air has been the book Getting Real by 37signals. Everyone at Slamdot has read it. We pretty much live by it. I have two copies of the book myself: one I keep, and one I loan out. So, I loaned Tom Getting Real a few months ago and he wouldn’t give it back, or stop talking about it. He liked it so much that he brought it up during several shows.

    This weekend we decided to dedicate an entire show to Getting Real. We were going to take several statements from the book and compare them to general business uses for our listener audience. Just before the show, I twittered (tweeted?) that we’d be talking about Getting Real on the radio. Within 5 minutes, Jason Fried had messaged me and offered to be available for an on-air interview. I was totally mondo stoked.

    All within about thirty minutes we managed to get the word out, coordinate with the producer, and get Jason on the line for the interview. Talk about agile. I must say that I was a little star-struck for the first few minutes, and you can hear it in my voice! The show was fantastic and we really appreciate the opportunity to talk with Jason.

    Listen to the interview with Jason Fried


    Hopefully we can get Jason to come back again soon!

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