How to Create Facebook Ads for Your Moving Company to Attract New Customers

    Jul 30, 2021

    Facebook is a great social networking site with nearly 2.89 billion active users in 2021. While most people use the platform to connect and communicate, companies are using it to expand their business.

    A great tool that Facebook provides to businesses is its Facebook ads. These adverts are a great way to attract customers and build newer connections online. You also get robust analytics through the Facebook ad feature that helps you keep an eye on the business. To understand moving company marketing, we must first understand how Facebook ads work.

    How Do Facebook Ads Work?

    Facebook ads use information like demographics, profile information to display your ads to the right target audience. Users can see these ads on their sidebar or their newsfeed. These Facebook ads are an ideal marketing solution in most cases, but are they equally effective for moving companies? There are several types of Facebook ads for a moving company to leverage.

    Sponsored posts are the ads that appear directly on the user’s newsfeed while scrolling. These ads appear similar to a post from a close friend on their news feed.

    Right Hand Column Ad

    The right-hand column ads are smaller to view, but users can still scroll through them like sponsored ads. Most experts use these ads for retargeting purposes.

    Should Moving Companies Use Facebook Ads?

    Is Facebook the right place to generate leads for a moving company? This is something that most companies wonder about. The answer is, it depends on how you regulate your marketing campaign. Any business can benefit from Facebook ads as long as they know how this marketing strategy works.

    The moving companies deal with a specific challenge that other mainstream businesses may not face. People use Facebook to interact with people, check updates, and much more. Not many people would look for a moving company on Facebook.

    However, according to Statista, over 1.7 billion users are on Facebook every day. That means having the right moving company ads on Facebook and targeting the right audience will lead to better business for you.

    Tips to Create Facebook Ads to Attract More Customers to Your Moving Business

    We understand that coming up with the right Facebook ads can be difficult for a moving business, which is why we have compiled a few tips to help you attract more customers.

    Raise Brand Awareness

    While creating a Facebook ad for your moving company, you need to keep in mind that the main focus is not to increase sales. Facebook ads are ideal for users who want to create their brand awareness.

    So, if you are a moving company, do not emphasize marketing your packages or your features but try to get people familiar with your company in general. It is most likely that these users will think of you when they need a moving service.

    Identify Target Audience

    It may look easy, but creating a Facebook ad is tricky, especially if you don’t identify your target market. In this case, it is better to write as if you are writing for one person.

    The targeted approach increases your chances of attracting a potential customer. Remember that this person is your target, and you need to persuade them to consider your moving company as a top choice.

    Facebook ads for moving companies need to speak to all customers on Facebook. For example, people with recent real estate agents are a well-targeted audience.

    Create Multiple Moving Ads

    There are several reasons why people may need your moving services. For instance, they could sell or buy a new house somewhere. Others might want to do it because they are going through a financial crisis.

    Your moving company should cater to their needs regardless of their reason to move. So, ensure that you make different ads for these different users so that none of them feels left out. Making personalized ads for each of these customer groups makes them feel valued.

    Ad an Appealing Visual to Your Ads

    Users hardly take a few seconds to scroll past an ad on Facebook. It is less likely that they would read your whole ad at first glance. However, adding appealing visuals to your ad is a great way to attract users.

    You should keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words when making your moving ads. Moving company social media accounts have a large following where you can reuse these visual ads. So, try to make your ads as visually pleasing as possible.

    Focus on Your Call-to-Action

    The call to action should reflect the intent behind the ad. Do you want to increase brand awareness, get qualified leads or sell your services to users through these ads? Your Facebook ads should always have a clear call-to-action (CAT) in case a potential customer does not know where to go.

    Adding innovative CAT buttons like “Move Now,” “Let Us Help,” etc., are some great options to add to your moving company advert on Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook ads also let users add the “Call Now” button to their CAT.

    Prioritize Value

    Most people try to add too many things in a Facebook ad since they are paying for it. However, Facebook ads work differently. Focus on explaining benefits and your moving company’s impact on the client’s life.

    For example, you should state how you can make the moving process easier as a competent moving company. Try writing something like: “Moving is easier than you think. Hire a moving company and enjoy peace of mind.”

    Simple Readable Language

    Copywriting is not college-level linguistics, so always try and keep things simple. Using flowery language may not necessarily help your marketing, but it will certainly leave people confused.

    The best way to make these Facebook ads for your moving company is to keep them simple. Readability and comprehension should be your priority when you create a Facebook ad. Your ads should be easy for anyone to understand (even a 6th-grade student).

    Get Perspective

    Posting regular Facebook ads for a moving company can overwhelm creators at times. It is good to take a break at times and see how your ads look in general. Scrolling through your Facebook ads is a simple and effective way of doing this.

    It will help you understand which of your ads are truly appealing. You need to focus on the ones that make you want to click on the ad immediately.

    You can also ask a friend or relative to do this for you if you feel like you do not look at things objectively. Ensure noting down their feedback as it will help you line up what works best. Co-workers from other departments can also help in this testing phase.

    Final Thoughts

    Creating the perfect Facebook ads for moving companies can help boost your marketing strategy and generate leads. However, make sure to consider the tips we mentioned when creating ads for your moving business.

    Also, check ads by other companies and use them as a reference for experimenting with your specific moving ad.

    Always try and test your ad copy, which is a popular feature of Facebook ads. It will help you improve your Facebook ad and make the most out of it. You can gain experience and come up with ads that prove fruitful for your moving company.

    If you have any questions related to the moving company Facebook ad tips and strategies outlined above please feel free to contact us. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about the fully managed Facebook advertising campaign management services we offer moving companies we would also be more than happy to explain how that works.

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