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    How do I upload PDFs and provide links to them on my website through WordPress?

    There may be times when you want to upload and provide PDF documents for your visitors to click and download. To add PDFs and make them available, follow these steps:

    1. Click the “Add Media” button next to Upload/Insert (it’s a starburst).
    2. After choosing the PDF file from your computer and uploading it, you will be able to change the properties.
    3. The title is what you want the hyperlinked text (also called Anchor Text) to be on the page itself (i.e. “View our dinner menu” or “Membership application”).
    4. Then click on File URL next to the “Link URL” field to create the link to the PDF file.
    5. Finally, click the “Insert into post” button to add a link on the page that will link to the PDF file.
    6. After you have inserted the PDF into the page remember to click the “Update” button on the right to save your changes.

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