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    How do I edit an existing page or blog post on my website through WordPress?

    1. Click the “Pages” or “Posts” link on the left, depending on whether you’re editing a static web page or a blog post.
    2. From the list of pages or posts, click the name of the Page (i.e. Home, About, etc.) or Post to edit it, or hover over the name of the page or post and click the “Edit” link below it that appears.
    3. This will open the editor screen for that page or post where you have two areas to edit - the “Title” field and the body of the page or post.
    4. The “Title” is the name of the page or post, and will show up on the navigation bar (make sure it’s not too long because of this or it will limit how many pages you can have across the top before they go to a 2nd row and mess up the look of the website).
    5. The main body area is where the main content will go, including text, images and links. See below for details on adding content.

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