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    How do I create an email account?

    Apr 22, 2006

    To create a new email address, follow these steps: Login to your Slamdot control panel at From your dashboard, go to “Domains”. Click “Manage” next to the desired domain....

    How do I change email account passwords?

    Apr 22, 2006

    To change your email account passwords, please follow these steps: First, you’ll need to login to your master Slamdot account (not your actual email account). To do that, login at...

    How do I delete an email account?

    Apr 22, 2006

    From the dashboard, go to “Domains”. Click “Manage” beside the desired domain, and select “Email Accounts”. Scroll down to the desired email account, and select “Delete” in the drop-down menu...

    How do I use web mail?

    Apr 22, 2006

    Slamdot gives you access to two web mail applications: RoundCube and SquirrelMail.

    How do I create a mailing list?

    Apr 22, 2006

    From the dashboard, go to “Domains”. Click “Manage” next to desired domain. Scroll and go to the “Email Lists” section and click the “Add List” button at the top right....

    How do I change mailing list settings?

    Apr 22, 2006

    From the dashboard, go to “Domains”. Click “Manage” next to desired domain. Scroll and go to the “Email Lists” section. Click the edit link to create/change the administrator password, set...

    How do I setup SMTP Authentication for use with my Slamdot hosting account?

    Apr 22, 2006

    When setting up POP3 accounts in your email software, you will need to enable SMTP authentication if you choose to use your hosting account for sending mail (instead of using...

    How do I set a catch-all email address?

    Apr 22, 2006

    When the server receives email to addresses that don’t exist, it has to do something with those messages. Your Slamdot account allows you to choose from three options to handle...

    How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a mailing list?

    Apr 22, 2006

    The server uses the popular Majordomo mailing list software. Traditionally, mailing lists have been operated and configured exclusively through email. There are two ways to subscribe to a mailing list:...

    How do I find my email settings?

    Apr 22, 2006

    From the dashboard, choose a plan. Click the email tab and click the users link. You can view your POP3 and SMTP email settings to the right under Email Account...

    How do I create and edit email forwarders?

    Apr 22, 2006

    Forwarders allow you to direct incoming mail to a different address. For example, assume you wanted email sent to and to arrive at the POP3 account, you...

    How do I create and edit autoresponders?

    Apr 22, 2006

    Autoresponders are email robots that reply to all incoming messages with a standard outgoing message. The autoresponder will reply to all messages received, regardless of their content. For example, some...

    How do I create and edit vacation messages?

    Apr 22, 2006

    Vacation messages tell others that you are away. A common vacation message may sound like: “I have received your e-mail message but I am away on vacation until June 21....

    How do I create an email filter?

    May 15, 2007

    From your dashboard, click “Domains”. Chooose a domain, hit “Manage”. Click “Spam Settings” and go to the “Add Filter” button at the top right, then select the type of filter...

    How do I delete an email filter?

    May 15, 2007

    From your dashboard, click “Domains”. Chooose a domain, hit “Manage”. Go to “Spam Settings” and click the delete icon next to the filter you want to delete.

    How do I manage spam and my spam settings?

    May 15, 2007

    From the dashboard, click “Domains”. Select “Manage” to the right of the desired domain, and then click “Spam Settings”. Go to the “Spam Assassin” tab. Adjust the settings to meet...

    Why am I getting a "send message error" when trying to send outgoing email through SMTP?

    May 16, 2007

    If you can’t send outgoing mail through your email client, it may have to do with the port you’re using for SMTP. In a lot of cases, port 25 (the...

    What do the "Where Do You Want Spam To Go?" options mean in the spam settings?

    May 29, 2007

    When deciding where to deliver spam messages, the Inbox is the main incoming mailbox folder for each respective email acount. Redirecting to the Catch-All Spam folder will send all spam...

    How do I change my web mail password?

    Aug 04, 2007

    If you want to change the web mail password for a particular email user without having to log into the Slamdot control panel, then you can do so at the...

    How do I configure and use IMAP with Slamdot?

    Aug 04, 2007

    Slamdot offers IMAP via your email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora or Apple Mail, or via the three web mail applications that we provide.

    How do I begin to troubleshoot the Outlook "Enter Network Password" issue?

    Jun 13, 2010

    If you use Outlook, you may encounter a pop-up window that asks you to enter your Network Username and Password to continue. Although this isn’t necessarily related to your hosting...

    How do I Fix "Invalid Credentials or Web Login Requires (Failure)" Error for Google Apps When Using IMAP?

    Jul 31, 2010

    Some of our customers use Google Apps for their email, and may encounter this problem when using a desktop email client.

    What is the difference between POP and IMAP when checking email?

    Nov 07, 2010

    The two most common ways to check email are using POP or IMAP, but both are different and should be used in different situations. If you’re setting up your email...

    Why am I getting an "SMTP Error: No support for Delivery Status Notifications" error when sending email through Roundcube?

    Nov 21, 2011

    If you’re unable to send email due to an error stating “SMTP Error: No support for Delivery Status Notifications,” please try the following:

    Why are all my emails missing when I login to Webmail or using my IMAP client?

    Jan 16, 2013

    If your emails randomly become missing when you login to your Webmail or check email via IMAP (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.), and you didn’t delete or do anything out of...

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