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    How do I access Installatron?

    Installatron is available on your Slamdot hosting account to install and manage some of the most popular web apps, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart, osCommerce, SugarCRM, phpBB and more. It’s easy to access and use Installatron.

    1. Before using Installatron, make sure the domain name is resolving to your Slamdot hosting account.
    2. Go to, where is the domain where you want to install the web application.
    3. Login to Installatron with your hosting username and password.
      • If you forgot your hosting username, you can find it on the “Plan” tab inside your control panel, under the “Welcome” section, or you can find it on the “Plan” tab under the “Settings” section.
      • If you forgot your password, you can reset it, but this will also change your default FTP password and default database user password, so keep this in mind before changing it, especially if you use FTP to manage your website. You can change it on the “Plan” tab inside your control panel, under the “Settings” section.
    4. Once you login, on the left-hand side there will be options to install all available web applications. Click the link for the appropriate web application to visit that application’s installer page.
    5. Click the “install this application” button to begin the process of installing an application to your hosting account.
    6. Proceed through the necessary steps to complete the installation.
    7. You should get a successfully installed screen with all of your details, which you can save for later.

    And that’s how you access and use Installatron from your hosting account.


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