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    How do I use a site redirect to forward web traffic elsewhere?

    Site redirection allows you to forward visitors to somewhere else on your site, or to another web site altogether. For instance, traffic to could be forwarded to, or

    From your dashboard, go to “Domains” and select manage next to desired domain. Scroll down and go to “Redirects”. Click the “Add Redirect” button at the top right. In the From Path field enter the local URL path that you want to redirect elsewhere. This will take the form of: /directoryname. For example, enter /news to forward traffic from

    Tip: Enter a slash (/) by itself to forward all visitors to your domain ( to the specified Redirect URL.

    Choose a redirect type and enter the URL you want to forward to in the Redirect URL field, then click Save redirect.

    To delete an existing redirect, click the delete icon.


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