The building of a better web host

    Jan 10, 2007

    We’ve been working (secretly) behind the scenes for the last few months to create a cooler, simpler, more exciting approach to web hosting. This blog, like Bare Naked App (only not quite as naked) will highlight our progress as we move closer to launch.

    What is Slamdot?

    Web hosting in the past has been an ugly, complicated, unavoidable must-have for most website owners. As web applications have evolved, becoming more visually-appealing and easier to use, hosting control panels have fallen short. Slamdot is a refreshing way to manage your hosting account, keep track of your domains, access your billing information, and get support — all from the same place.

    The Slamdot manifesto

    We believe remembering separate passwords to hosting control panels, domain registrars, billing systems, and help desks totally sucks. Your Slamdot account unifies everything; and you only need to remember one username and password!

    We believe managing your web presence should be fun and easy. Slamdot is painless and dead-simple to use.

    We believe in being small and agile. We’re Getting Real with our development and we’ll be turning to our users along the way to build the perfect hosting system.

    We believe in modern web technology. Slamdot is built using Ruby on Rails and web standards. We only support modern web browsers.

    We believe in performance and reliability. Slamdot’s servers are real rack-mounted production-class machines located in the Softlayer data center near Dallas, Texas.

    We believe in security. Your Slamdot account and all back-end server communication is SSL encrypted. Your billing information is also encrypted and kept completely private.

    At the end of the day, we’re just a couple of guys (and one gal) who want to make web hosting fun and exciting.

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