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    How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a mailing list?

    The server uses the popular Majordomo mailing list software. Traditionally, mailing lists have been operated and configured exclusively through email. There are two ways to subscribe to a mailing list:

    Send an email to and type “subscribe listname” (without quotes) in the message body. Or, send an email to and type “subscribe” (without quotes) in the message body.

    Each list is also available in digest form. This means that messages are stored and then sent out once per period (e.g. weekly) in one big message. This is useful in larger lists to assure that recipients don’t get overwhelmed by daily messages. To subscribe to the digest version of the list, follow the same procedure for subscribing except use:

    1. “subscribe listname-digest” instead of “subscribe listname.”
    2. instead of

    The steps to unsubscribing are identical to subscribing except that you replace the word “subscribe” with “unsubscribe” in the message body. Majordomo will send you a results email if the subscribe/unsubscribe was successful. In addition, you may view the list of subscribers from the control panel.

    To subscribe or unsubscribe through the Slamdot control panel, choose a plan from the dashboard. Click the email tab and click the email lists link. If there is a list already setup, click the manage link next to either subscribers or digest subscribers, then click the create a new subscriber link. Please note that recipients get no confirmation message from Majordomo when they are added in this way. This means they have no way of knowing they are on a list until somebody emails the list or you tell them.

    Note: All subscribers will be listed here regardless of how they subscribed to the mailing list (by email or through the control panel).


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