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    How do I create and edit email forwarders?

    Forwarders allow you to direct incoming mail to a different address. For example, assume you wanted email sent to and to arrive at the POP3 account, you can create two forwarders that will let you do this.

    Note: You cannot create a forwarder name if it already exists as a POP3 account, autoresponder, or mailing list.

    From the dashboard, go to “Domains”. Click “Manage” next to desired domain, and go to “Email Accounts”. Scroll and go to the “Forwarders” section and click the “Add Forwarder” button at the top right.

    To modify a forwarder click the edit link. To delete a forwarder click the delete icon.

    Tip: You can forward to multiple destination addresses by simply separating the email addresses with a comma (no spaces). Example:,


    create edit modify change delete email forwarder

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