Carol Harris Photography

“Extremely professional website. Light, airy, colorful, easy to use. Slamdot deserves the credit!”

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Carol Harris Photography
Photography Dyersburg Website Design

Carol Harris fell in love with the art and craft of photography a few years ago and during the process developed a whole new appreciation for the beauty of this earth we live on.

Carol Harris Photography
Carol Harris Photography
Carol Harris Photography

“When I decided I wanted a website for my business, my decision to work with Slamdot was a wise one. I had seen some of their work and felt that they might be a good fit for me. Because I am a visual artist, having a beautiful website that showcases my work is as important as ease of navigation. What I didn’t know at the time I engaged them was how quick and easy it would be to get up and running. My experience with their staff was great. Being an old dog trying to learn new tricks, I ran into some things I didn’t understand along the way but they guided me through the process without a hitch. Immediately after launching, I started getting compliments on my website from professional photographers. I received several private emails and Facebook responses, but an award-winning professional photographer’s public response to my very first blog entry sort of says it all: Extremely professional website. Light, airy, colorful, easy to use. Slamdot deserves the credit!”

Carol Harris

Carol Harris

Carol Harris Photography

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