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“Slamdot, you’ve succeeded where others valiantly tried, but never quite delivered. You are the best!”

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“I am an aged baby-boomer— successful at my business, but just needed a forum wherein I could impart 40+ years of psychiatric and alternative healing knowledge to the general public in a user-friendly format. Slamdot was not only able to disseminate information about Integrative Psychiatry, but the Slamdot team was able to accurately reflect who I was as a cutting edge practitioner of sophisticated healing arts. Sean Christman is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. He’s also patient, kind, and a true visionary. He fully supports his staff so that they are available to go the extra mile for their clients without stress or difficulty. Jess Jones is one of the most talented visual/verbal artists I’ve met in this part of the country. Her ability to translate complex psychiatric healing concepts into simple, pragmatic, and user-friendly techniques exemplifies a rare gift of deep understanding. Jessica’s empathic understanding of knowing what I needed as a customer was outstanding. She immediately and intuitively understood who I was, what specific skill sets I offer, and who my consumer base consisted of and what specific needs my consumer base craved. Jess’ ability to translate my complex knowledge and uncommon methodologies into simple verbiage was genius! She was able to express the exact tone, expression, and mood of my website in a way that conveyed the essence of my Integrative Psychiatric practice. Slamdot, you’ve succeeded where others valiantly tried, but never quite delivered. You are the best!”

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