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We're highly-rated digital marketers, specializing in affordable website design, search engine optimization, and paid search advertising. We cater to the unique needs of small businesses, ensuring we can help even the smallest of small businesses thrive and grow.

Featured Client

Aaron J. Chapman

Aaron J. Chapman, Attorney at Law offers client-centered representation for life’s transitions.

Aaron J. Chapman

“I have used Slamdot for my web design and hosting needs for several years. I have often been advised by clients and others that I have one of the best websites in my field and in my area. We convert our visitors at a high rate. The best part about dealing with Slamdot is that you can always reach someone quickly to answer a question or make a quick change to the site. The design costs and hosting expenses are also priced very competitively. I am constantly being contacted by web developers and designers from all over the country who seem to offer expensive “cookie-cutter” templates and long, drawn-out hosting contract periods. With Slamdot, the design process was personally-guided and I had a high level of input and I know that I am in good hands. Slamdot has helped me grow my practice to become a leader in my area and in my field of practice. I highly recommend!”

Aaron J. Chapman

Aaron J. Chapman

Aaron J. Chapman

Featured Client

Torres Law Firm, PLLC

From helping clients around the globe to helping the people of Tennessee and other states, the Torres Law Firm, PLLC has been representing clients since 1993 with compassion, experience, drive, and understanding. The Torres Law Firm, PLLC wants to handle, and even take to trial, all your serious personal injury matters and resolve all complex immigration cases.

Torres Law Firm, PLLC

“Very good website design company. They listened carefully and patiently to all of our concerns and requirements. Jessica worked with us on all parts of the process and made any changes requested. She also helped with suggestions and did the the work promptly and in a professional and excellent manner. I would recommend this company to my friends and associates.”

Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres

Torres Law Firm, PLLC


Increase in Users


Increase in Users from Direct Search


Increase in Unique Pageviews

Featured Client

Dean Greer & Associates, P.C.

The premier bankruptcy, personal injury, and social security disability law office.

Dean Greer & Associates, P.C.

“Our Law Firm hired Slamdot in the Fall of 2019 in an effort to increase our overall internet presence as well as redesign an outdated website. We have been in business for over 30 years and receive a large number of direct referrals from former clients. However, internet presence is what we severely lacked. I’m pleased to say that after only six months of service, we are “slammed” with new clients - clients that I do not believe we would have attained but for Slamdot’s unique and proven approach. Our business is about two hours away from Slamdot’s headquarters, and Slamdot has been wonderful in communicating. Slamdot has accomplished in a very short time all the failed efforts that several other “big box” marketing agencies promised us. I would undoubtedly recommend Slamdot (except to our competitors!).”

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Dean Greer & Associates, P.C.


Increase in Average Google Rankings


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Google Ads Conversion Rate

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Check out our extensive showcase of web designs that achieved our clients' goals, exceeded their expectations, and toppled their competition with the creativity, innovation, and excellence that we bring to every project.

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Website Design

Your online marketing efforts begin and end with your website. Great website design can make or break a digital marketing campaign. It’s important because your SEO depends on it, your authenticity depends on it, and your dollar depends on it. In many cases, your website is the first impression you make, and if it doesn’t stand out from the competition, or worse, if it doesn’t function properly, then you could be losing business. We’ll help you build an affordable, mobile-friendly website to accompany your digital marketing campaign.

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Website Design

Fully Responsive Design

Enjoy a seamless viewing experience on any device, whether a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

No Long-Term Contracts

We operate with transparency and fairness, giving you ownership of your web presence without hidden fees or lengthy obligations.

Dedicated Specialists

Our staff are all in-house, never outsourced, meaning you can connect with our team for assistance with your website or marketing whenever needed.

Sub Pages

We will build your website with supplementary pages that will benefit your business and brand, such as Testimonials, Press, FAQ, and Contact Us.

Custom Home Page

We don't use generic templates, we create a one-of-a-kind homepage design that shows off your business's unique style.

Multiple Revisions

We offer revisions during both the design and production phases to ensure that each page aligns perfectly with your vision.


Create your own content and improve SEO with a search-enabled blog designed to fit your site's specific needs.

Contact Forms

Incorporate user-friendly forms on your pages that will notify you via email with every submission.

Injury Law

Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive online marketing strategy for the Accident Law industry begins with organic search engine results. When someone in your area is searching for “Accident Law” you want to make sure you are an option. Our Accident Law SEO strategy will help increase your website rankings for important keywords in your market, increase website traffic, and increase phone call volume and form fills.

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Search Engine Optimization


A 1-on-1 call with your dedicated SEO manager to guide you to your goals so we can help define the best SEO strategy for you.

Keyword Research

Expert review of your goals to identify the ideal keywords to target that will best grow your qualified, targeted organic traffic.

Search Engine Submission

Once your site is optimized for SEO, we submit it directly to search engines to ensure it is quickly and effectively indexed.

SEO Plugin Setup

We install and configure an advanced SEO plugin to help set the stage for ongoing optimizations and improvements to your website.

Sitemap Audit

We review your robot.txt file to ensure all pages on your site can be easily crawled by search engines going forward.

FAQ Page

We build a unique FAQ page on your site designed to improve your visitor experience and to house critical keyword-rich content.

Google Search Console

We set up Search Console to ensure proper listings with Google and to provide insight into your site’s ranking performance over time.

Google Analytics

We set up and configure Google Analytics on your site to help monitor and evaluate traffic and user behavior as a result of SEO improvements.

Injury Law

Paid Search Ads

One of the quickest ways to get your business at the top of a search engines results page (SERP). These ads will allow your business to be shown when people are searching for your keywords on the SERP, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Gmail, and other search partner’s websites. We will strategically research keywords, build your campaigns, write creative and compelling ad copy, and actively manage your campaign by making adjustments and tweaks to improve ROI. Our pay-per-click services include both Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Bing ads.

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Paid Search Ads

Complete Management

Our Google-certified experts will manage your campaign from keyword research to bid adjustments and ongoing optimizations.

Dedicated Specialist

You'll work with a dedicated pay-per-click strategist, not a salesperson, from the beginning.

Landing Page Optimization

We'll build and optimize landing pages to convert more visitors into leads.

Google Certified Partners

Our marketing strategists are individually certified in Google Ads Search, Display, Video, and more.

Monthly Reviews

Receive monthly reports and regular review meetings to discuss campaign results and ongoing strategy.

You Own Your Accounts

You're free to take anything we create after the initial term. We won't hold your ad accounts hostage.

Conversion Tracking

We'll provide detailed tracking to measure the conversions resulting from your ads.

Google Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics to analyze and report on your advertising performance.

Injury Law

Social Media Management

Utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform, we can tap into many different audiences of people on Facebook and Instagram. Social Media advertising has the unique ability to not only target the right customer in the area of your choice, but it also allows social interaction between a customer and the business. People can comment, like, and share your post with other friends and family. Facebook also has the ability to use video and image ads to engage potential customers. Your customers are Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll use these platforms to reach them directly with your messaging.

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Social Media Management


A 1-on-1 call with your Social Manager to learn about your objectives so we can create your perfect social media marketing plan.

Profile Setup

We create and configure all your social media profiles with custom branding, headers, profile pictures, and descriptions.

Branding Sheet

We gather your existing logo and key identity elements into a simple reference sheet to ensure your brand presentation is leverage correctly.

Strategy Sessions

Two, 30-minute phone calls every month with your Social Manager to review your progress and optimize your social strategy over time.

Review & Approval

With our premium project management tool you can easily review and approve all content before it is published to your social channels.

Instagram Posts

Image-centric content posted to your Instagram account designed to engage potential audiences in a visually compelling way.

Facebook Posts

We create unique content to share on your Facebook account, ideally suited to engage users on the platform.

Twitter Posts

Short, 144-character posts designed and optimized to generate interest and engagement on your Twitter feed.

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Fair Terms

Enjoy the flexibility of our 6-month marketing campaigns with the option to opt-out if we're underperforming.

Zero Outsourcing

Our entire team is based in the USA, mostly in Knoxville, Tennessee, and we do not outsource or use contractors for any of our services.

Honest Billing

Our fees are billed separately from your ad spend, and our rates don't increase with your advertising budget.

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