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    What are "websites," and how can I manage them?

    Within Slamdot, a “website” is a sort of virtual domain that shares resources with one of your hosting plans. If your plan allows it, you could setup additional websites for your plan and manage those from the control panel, too.

    For instance, you could have a plan with, and then you create the websites and All three websites would share the allotted resources for your hosting plan, but each would have it’s own “Manage” section with a directory for your files, email accounts, databases, etc.

    To create websites or edit existing ones, start by logging into your Slamdot account at /login, then…

    • Go to “Domains”, then click the “Add New Domain” button at the top right of your domain name list.
    • Enter your domain and click “Create”.
    • Click the “Website” button and hit “Create”.

    To manage your websites, click “Manage” next to the desired domain.


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