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    How do I use the server's shared certificate?

    One of the simplest ways to have a secure site is to use the server’s built-in self-generated certificate. The following provides an introduction to using the server’s default shared certificate.

    Understanding non-Trusted Certificates

    Although non-Trusted certificates provide a high level of encryption, they are not always the best choice because they are self-generated instead of purchased from a trusted authority. Because of this, visitors to your site may receive a warning popup window when they access a secure page.

    If you can put up with this inconvenience, then a self-generated secure certificate is adequate for your site. If you are a company selling goods or services, we highly recommend that you purchase a trusted certificate. A non-trusted certificate may be harmful to a web site’s reputation.

    To use the server’s shared certificate, do the following:

    1. Sign in to your Slamdot account at the Slamdot login page.
    2. On your dashboard under “My Websites,” select a domain name.
    3. Click the Advanced tab.
    4. Click the SSL Settings link across the top.
    5. Under “Certificate Options,” select Shared. Click Save Changes.

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