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    How do I transfer a domain name to Slamdot?

    If you are transferring a domain name from another registrar (such as Godaddy, Network Solutions, Yahoo!, etc.), there are four main things that need to happen so the transfer will occur, which we’ll briefly go over first, then explain in more detail:

    1. Unlock the domain inside your domain registrar’s control panel, or request the current registrar to do this for you.
    2. Locate and save the Authorization Code (sometimes called the EPP or Auth Key), or request it from your current registrar.
    3. Submit the domain name transfer from your Slamdot control panel.
    4. Approve the transfer via a verification email that will get sent to you at the email address you have listed under the Administrative Contact in your domain name’s WHOIS information.

    Once it’s unlocked and you’ve submitted the domain transfer using the Authorization Code, it should take one to two weeks from the time you get the email, verify it, and it moves over.

    Unlocking the Domain Name

    For domain transfers, first you need to log into your existing domain provider and make sure “transfer-locking,” sometimes called Domain Protect or Domain Protection, is turned off. You may need to have your current domain name registrar unlock the domain name for you by contacting them from your control panel, via their support email address, or by phone.

    Get the Authorization Code/Key

    You will also need the EPP Authorization Code, sometimes called EPP Key or Auth Key, which can either be found in your current domain name registrar’s control panel, or be requested from the domain registrar via email and/or phone.

    The EPP Authorization Code ( EPP Auth Code or EPP Authorization Key ) is a 6- to 16-character code assigned by the registrar at the time the .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info or .name domain name was created. The EPP Authorization Key is basically a password for transferring the domain. Auth codes are an extra security measure, ensuring that only the owner of the domain can make transfers.

    If you do not know your auth code, you can obtain it from your registrar. Registrars are contractually required to provide the auth code upon request by the registrant.

    As of October 28, 2006, all .com and .net domains are required to have an EPP key. This key is generated by your current domain registrar and they can provide it for you upon request.

    Submit the Domain Name Transfer

    To transfer your domain name, sign into Slamdot at with your email address and password, then click “Domains” to the left. Click the “Add New Domain” button at the top right of your domain name list. Enter your domain and click “Create”. Click the ‘Register/Transfer” button, then fill out the form, using the Authorization Code when necessary, and click “Place my order” to initiate the transfer.

    Approve the Transfer via Verification Email

    You will receive a confirmation email sent to the Administrative Contact email address associated with your domain name to approve the transfer. Simply click on the link in the email. You have up to 5 days to respond, and you may “allow” or “deny” the transfer. If you do not know the Administrative Contact email address, you may find it by doing a whois lookup for your domain. If the Administrative Contact email address is not accessible, you’ll have to go back to your current domain registrar and change it to one that you have access to, but with some registrars you need to wait 60 days to begin the transfer again since this is considered an “administrative” change (see additional notes below regarding ICANN rules).

    Additional Notes Regarding Domain Name Transfers

    Here are some things to keep in mind when transferring a domain name to Slamdot:

    1. The domain must have been registered for at least 60 days.
    2. The domain must maintain an ACTIVE or OK status.
    3. ICANN’s Transfer policy states that a domain must remain with one registrar for at least 60 days before becoming eligible for another transfer. The exception to this rule is in cases of legal disputes involving the domain registration. This 60-day period can also take effect if the administrative email contact is changed.
    4. Any registrar transfer will now require an EPP Authorization Key. An EPP Authorization Key is required for each distinct domain.
    5. A transfer is not complete until the new registrar receives the EPP Authorization Key from the previous registrar.

    Note: If you currently have a domain name registered with Slamdot, you can view your auth code inside your control panel by clicking “Manage My Domains” on your dashboard and selecting the domain name from the list. There is a link to view your auth code without having to contact us.


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