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    How do I setup my database with scripts?

    Most scripts need to know four things about your database: the database name, database username, password, and hostname.

    Database Name

    The database name always takes the form of FTPUsername_DatabaseName, where FTPUsername is the username for uploading to your particular domain/website via FTP. The DatabaseName is the name you gave to your MySQL database. For example, if your FTP username was “username” and you had a database named “chat,” the true database name is username_chat – you will want to enter this database name into your script configuration.

    You can find the database names directly by doing the following:

    • You will see a list of your existing databases (the name shown is the name of the database). If you want to get the usernames available, click the Users link next to it.

    Database Username

    The database username can be the same as the database name or you may choose a different username for the database. The database username takes the form of FTPUsername_DatabaseUserName.

    Database Password

    The database password is set during database creation. The password should be different than your Slamdot account password, but it doesn’t have to be. The script will need to know the database password in order to modify the database.


    The hostname tells the script where to access the database. Usually this is designated as ‘localhost’ because the script and database are located on the same server. If the script doesn’t allow a text entry in the hostname configuration, enter the IP address of your site. To do this, choose a domain from the dashboard. Click the Advanced tab and click the ftp users link. On the right under FTP account info should be the host IP, or alt host.


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