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    How do I embed videos into my website through WordPress?

    Adding a video requires a few larger steps. You’ll first need to upload the video to a video sharing website such as or, depending on your preference and how long your video is. Once you have an account and the videos are there, you’re ready to start embedding videos on your website. Here are the steps, which will vary slightly for each video sharing website:

    1. Login to your WordPress website with your username and password.
    2. Click either Posts or Pages on the left, depending on if you want to put the video on a blog post or on a static page.
    3. Click “Add New” to create a new page or post, or click “Edit” to manage existing web pages or blog posts, depending on where the video is going.
    4. To embed videos from Vimeo :
    5. Once you’re in the editing area, select the “HTML” tab instead of the “Visual” tab, because you’ll be directly embedding the necessary HTML code for the video.
    6. You’ll need to locate the place on the page that you’ll want the video to go and put your cursor there.
    7. Pull up the video on Vimeo ( and click the “Embed” button on the page near the actual video (may be an icon somewhere on the video itself, usually to the right side).
    8. Format the video how you’d like it, and make sure it will fit (not too big, and isn’t so small it’s hard to see, typically 500 pixels wide is a good rule of thumb).
    9. Copy the given embed code from the video on the Vimeo website.
    10. Go back into the WordPress page where your cursor was located and paste the code there.
    11. Hit “Save” or “Publish.” Keep in mind that if you switch back to “Visual” mode on this particular page, the video code will get stripped out, so make sure you’re in HTML mode before editing the page or post again.
    12. To embed videos from YouTube :
    13. You’ll need to locate the place on the page that you’ll want the video to go and put your cursor there.
    14. Pull up the video on YouTube and copy the URL for the video (i.e.
    15. Go back into the WordPress page and click the filmstrip icon from the toolbar (should say “Insert /edit embedded media” if you hover your mouse cursor over it).
    16. Paste the YouTube video URL into the “File/URL” field.
    17. Check the “Constrain proportions” checkbox and change the width to about 500.
    18. Click the “Insert” button at the bottom to add the video to your page or post.
    19. You can add text, pictures, etc. above or below the video, just be careful not to backspace or just delete it.

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