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    How do I configure and use IMAP with Slamdot?

    Slamdot offers IMAP via your email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora or Apple Mail, or via the three web mail applications that we provide.

    Using IMAP via web mail doesn’t require any configuration, simply login and start using it!

    To configure and use IMAP through your email client, however, you will need to select the IMAP protocol when you create, or edit, an email account that you want to use. Also, the port number should be 143. The mail server name should be, and the username is your full email address.

    IMAP can be thought of as “connected” email management, where you manage your email directly on the mail server through Slamdot (storing only local copies to make it faster). This is different from POP3, where you download the messages from the server onto your computer and then they’re deleted from the server.

    It’s best to use IMAP if you check your email at multiple locations on multiple computers (home, office, on the road, etc.), because using POP in this situation may cause your email to get scattered across multiple computers.

    More information about IMAP:


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