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    How do I choose and setup a new WordPress username?

    Since WordPress does not allow usernames to be edited, in order to change your username from the default “admin” you first need to create a new user with administrative privileges and then delete the “admin” user. Follow these steps to create a new user and migrate your “admin” or other user account data to the new one:

    1. Login to WordPress at with your administrator username and password. If you need help recovering your password, you “Lost Your Password?” link, or if we developed your website here at Slamdot you can contact us by emailing
    2. Click “Users” on the left hand sidebar, and then choose “add new.”
    3. You will need to choose a new username as well as enter in an email address and choose a password.
    4. Also make sure to change the “role” to “administrator.”
    5. Click “Add New User.”
    6. Once you have done this, log out and log back in as the new user.
    7. Click “Users” again, then hover your mouse over “admin” (or the old user that you’re migrating away from) and choose “Delete.”
    8. You will be asked what to do with posts owned by the user you are deleting. Choose “Attribute all posts to:” and select an alternate user, such as the one you just created. This should get your new username in place and the old username removed from WordPress! If you have any questions or issues, and would like to see how we can help, please email us at


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