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    How do I change the order of pages and create sub-pages on my website through WordPress?

    After editing the content, you may want to change the order of the page in the navigation or make it a main page/sub page. Follow these steps to change the order of pages or create sub-pages:

    1. Click the “Appearance” link on the left.
    2. Then click the “Menus” link on the left under the main Appearance menu.
    3. To add a new page to your navigation menu, scroll down and select the new page from the “Pages” list.
    4. Click the “Add to Menu” button below the list of pages in the “Pages” list to add the new page(s) to the navigation menu.
    5. To change the order or make the page a sub-page, simply click the rectangular button for that page on the far right side and drag it where you’d like it to appear. It will be slightly indented if it’s positioned as a sub-page.
    6. Click the “Save Menu” button at the top right of the menu area to save your changes.

    You can also keep the order of the pages consistent back in the page editing screen by clicking the “Pages” link on the far left menu, then click the “Quickedit” link under each page name and changing the Page Parent (to make it a sub-page), and/or changing the order number (the order of pages starts at 0, not 1).

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