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    How do I access raw system logs?

    Viewing raw logs are a great way to troubleshoot specific problems, such as installing and executing scripts. Both logs (usage and error) are backed up monthly and archived in the following directory:


    To access both the access and error logs from Slamdot, choose a plan from the dashboard. Click the files tab and click the logs link. Click the download link to the right of the log you want to retrieve, or you can click on the link to view the last 100 lines in a browser window. You can view the webalizer stats by clicking on the domain name.

    You can also go to the logs directory within the file browser by clicking on the archived logs button to the right. The log files are .TAR.GZ files named by month, year, number and domain/subdomain. Click on the file name to save a copy.

    Note: Log files are owned by the server administrator and cannot be deleted. Log files do not count towards your disk space quota.


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