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Control Panel

Our control panel is amazing. We've totally integrated billing, support, domain names and hosting management into one sweet, easy-to-use application. Yeah, we know it's a no-brainer, but somebody had to do it.


Your Dashboard is where it all begins. Once you log in, you'll see a list of all your web hosting plans where you can easily access the features for each. You will also be notified of any service or status changes concerning your Slamdot account.

This is the place where you can access administrative features of your account, such as billing and support.

Slamdot Control Panel: Dashboard

1) Your Slamdot hosting plans will appear here. If you need to purchase an additional hosting plan, just click the "Buy more hosting" link. 2) Each plan can be nicknamed to anything that makes sense to you. This is very useful for people who manage lots of websites. 3) Your global/administrative options appear here. This is also the place to submit or check on a support ticket. 4) Some quick information about your account and any outstanding balances. 5) Every page has a "Need Help?" box where you can search our knowledge base for instant answers.

Account / Billing

From your Dashboard, you will see a list of administrative tasks on the right side.

You can edit your profile, change your payment method, manage and register domain names, print past invoices, and check on support ticket status. You can also order additional web hosting plans for websites that need full-blown hosting accounts.

Slamdot Control Panel: Account / Billing

1) Your invoices are listed here. You can come back and print/view past invoices at any time. 2) Each invoice lists the amount, date sent and the date paid. Outstanding invoices can be paid directly from this screen. 3) Edit your account contact information. 4) Change your credit card number or billing address. 5) Submit a support ticket or check on the status of a support ticket.

Domain Names

The domain name manager keeps track of all your domain names that you have registered or transferred to Slamdot.

You can edit your whois information, manage and register name servers, lock/unlock domain transfers, and renew your domain registration all right here.

Register or transfer domain names for just $15 per year.

Slamdot Control Panel: Domain Names

1) Your domains that you have registered or transferred to Slamdot appear in this list. 2) Register or transfer domains by clicking the "Buy more domains" link. 3) Each domain can be clicked on to edit registration information, name servers, and locking preferences. 4) Know when domains are about to expire. You can renew your domain registration by clicking on the "Renew domain" link at any time.

Web Hosting

Each hosting plan receives a feature-rich website management area directly integrated with the rest of our control panel.

This section allows you to create email accounts, upload files, check web stats, setup subdomains and pointers, customize error pages, password-protect areas of your website and a whole lot more.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan without hassle.

Slamdot Control Panel: Web Hosting

1) Check on plan usage, edit settings, and upgrade/downgrade your hosting plan. 2) Access web stats, manage subdomains and pointers, create site redirects, customize error pages, and enable FrontPage. 3) Upload/download files, protect areas of your site, view logs, and grant FTP access. 4) Add email accounts, forwarders, email lists, autoresponders, and filters. Set catch-all preferences, vacation messages, and spam protection levels. 5) Manage databases, DNS, account backups, and cron jobs. Restart FastCGI applications and enable SSL encryption. 6) The "Welcome" screen connects you with frequently accessed areas of the control panel. 7) Quickly check on how much disk space and bandwidth you are using. 8) Open your web mail, Webalizer stats, or database manager.

Help & Support

We have an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of answers to common questions.

If you can't find an answer to your question there, you can easily submit a ticket to our support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Slamdot Control Panel: Help / Support

1) Shows your ticket number and the subject of the ticket. 2) This is the conversation between you and us. 3) Quickly and easily post a response to your ticket. Posting a response to a closed ticket immediately changes its status back to "Open." 4) Displays some statistics about your support ticket including the status, assignment status, and last reply time.

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Web hosting plans start at just $25/month. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

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