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Slamdot Buzz and Testimonials

We've developed hundreds of websites in the Knoxville area, and we'd love to provide you with references. Here's what other people are saying about us.

  • Better Brain Technology

    "I am an aged baby-boomer--- successful at my business, but just needed a forum wherein I could impart 40+ years of psychiatric and alternative healing knowledge to the general public in a user-friendly format. Slamdot was not only able to disseminate information about Integrative Psychiatry, but the Slamdot team was able to accurately reflect who I was as a cutting edge practitioner of sophisticated healing arts. Sean Christman is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. He's also patient, kind, and a true visionary. He fully supports his staff so that they are available to go the extra mile for their clients without stress or difficulty. Jess Jones is one of the most talented visual/verbal artists I've met in this part of the country. Her ability to translate complex psychiatric healing concepts into simple, pragmatic, and user-friendly techniques exemplifies a rare gift of deep understanding. Jessica's empathic understanding of knowing what I needed as a customer was outstanding. She immediately and intuitively understood who I was, what specific skill sets I offer, and who my consumer base consisted of and what specific needs my consumer base craved. Jess' ability to translate my complex knowledge and uncommon methodologies into simple verbiage was genius! She was able to express the exact tone, expression, and mood of my website in a way that conveyed the essence of my Integrative Psychiatric practice. Slamdot, you've succeeded where others valiantly tried, but never quite delivered. You are the best!"

    — Kate Hume, MSN, MA, MSS, APN, PMHCNS-BC

  • Kids Place at Seqyoyah

    "Working with Slamdot on building our website has been an amazing process! Everyone I've worked with has been super helpful and on top of it! Sierra really took the reigns on this project and worked so hard to get it completed for me by the deadline (even with me being a slacker!), and she even put up with my thousands of requests! :) I highly recommend Slamdot to anyone looking to create a website and work with a fabulous team!"

    —Dana Richardson

  • Smart Roof Solutions

    "Wade was great at introducing me to the company and the process. Brittney was 10 stars amazing! She was responsive, creative, and attentive to the theme and mechanics I wanted from my new site. I can not say enough great things about her! I have another project coming up in a couple of months, and Brittney is the reason that I will be coming back to Slamdot!"

    —Kirk Swor

  • Sultry Southern Nights

    "Wade gave us a wonderful introduction to Slamdot. Brittney, my project manager, was extremely creative and responsive to every question, suggestion, etc. that I had. The website turned out to be both beautiful and professional and I can't thank Slamdot enough. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you to Slamdot and their expert employees."

    —Betty Southworth

  • FunMakers Outdoor Play Equipment / Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company

    "I needed to upgrade my website from pedestrian to professional. So I started searching for a local company that had the sophistication and experience to provide a web site that was current, easy to navigate and still affordable. I also wanted to find a company that had multiple team members in the event that the person responsible for my site was on a prolong absence or decided to leave the company. I had heard the Slamdot commercials on the radio, was referred to them by a couple of fellow entrepreneurs, and also found them quickly on my google searches. When I discovered that they had moved to a new location next to Pellissippi & Northshore that made it even sweeter since that is close to my office. After arranging a meeting with Slamdot and discussing what my needs were I decided to give them my business. They have been very easy to work with, have remained very patient with me while I've been asking a lot of questions, and have performed as well as advertised. My experience went so well the first time, that I now have them working on a new e-commerce business that we are launching next month. I highly recommend giving Slamdot your serious consideration for any of your internet web site needs."

    — Mike Maddux

  • Concord Yacht Club Knoxville TN

    "When we first started this project - building a new website for Concord Yacht Club - I thought one web design company was just as good as another. This is not true. Slamdot is the best web design company in Knoxville! They didn't just meet our expectations, they exceeded them and blew us all out of the water. We have a website we are proud of, functions with ease, is absolutely beautiful and was a joy to put together. Melissa Fagan made the chore easy. She understood everything we were trying to say and she saw our vision. She probably had a better eye for our vision than us. We are over the moon and can't praise Slamdot enough. Did I mention it was worth every penny? I can't imagine working with any other company on our web design needs and maintenance. THANK YOU Slamdot."

    —Sandra Ford-Johnson

  • Global Testing Laboratories

    "We are very happy with the new website Slamdot created for us. They did an excellent job and handled the project with professionalism. They provided us with a modern site that has yielded many positive comments back to us. Slamdot has definitely exceeded our expectations and we will recommend them to everyone! Thanks for all of your hard work and support."

    —Jay Childs

  • Healing Art Garden

    "I can't express in words how grateful I am to Slamdot for their excellent quality of work, professionalism, efficiency, and friendly manner. They are the best I have ever seen at website design, maintenance, and SEO. In particular, I would advise against doing SEO with any company other than slamdot. Slamdot actually has the necessary skills for this task, and the vast majority of SEO companies do not. Thank you Slamdot."

    —Chris Pyne

  • The Wakefield Corporation

    "I would recommend Slamdot for any of your website needs. They made our experience very easy and helped us change our logo and website design. We changed our site from the top down and Melissa Fagan help us understand what would look good and how to make the pages flow. If you are thinking about making any changes to you site you can't go wrong with giving Slamdot a call."

    —Todd Gerringer

  • James White's Fort

    "Melissa's design ideas were great. She was quick to make suggestions as well as change things based on our suggestions. It was a quick and easy process. I would highly recommend Slamdot."

    —Heather Seiber

  • Allred and Associates Real Estate

    "Slamdot did a great job on my new website. Thanks to all."

    —Judith Allred

  • New Hope Baptist Church

    "The web site for our church has just gone live! I had no idea where to start on this project and Wade and Brittney were very helpful through each step of the process. They were easy to work with and made the journey from start to finish an enjoyable experience! I just met with them to lay out what I had in mind for a design and they gave me exactly what I asked for. Couldn't be easier! Thanks Slamdot!"

    —Bill Brown

  • Families on Mission International

    "We are so thankful for Slamdot & Jessica! Jessica was so helpful & easy to work with. She took our ideas & was willing to work with them, but make them even better. She gave us great pointers & was willing to let us know when something we suggested wouldn't work. Jessica stuck with us through all of our little changes up to the end. Great to work with & very affordable also. We would highly recommend them to anyone needing a very professional & highly functional website. Thanks so much!"

    —Carl & Dana Smith

  • Volunteer Storage

    "Slamdot has been a great company to work with. We as a company had some internal issues that made our creation of a new website somewhat challenging. Slamdot rose to the occasion with nothing but great customer service and impeccable professionalism. If you are in need of a new website, give them a call!!!"

    —Rhonda Kiser

  • VG Boutique

    "My website just went live and I'm so excited! Slamdot worked patiently with me to get a professional website up and running. I'm not at all proficient with websites or social media and they were able to help me integrate my new website with my Facebook page and email campaigns. I can heartily recommend their services to anyone!"

    —Gail Edwards

  • Mad Water Works

    "Can't wait to see the new office! Thank you so much from Mad Water Works. Our new website looks fantastic! Everyone was professional and really made the process a great experience. We highly recommend Slamdot to anyone needing a professional website! Thanks again!!"

    —Sara Davis

  • Summit HealthCare of Oak Ridge

    "The team at Summit HealthCare of Oak Ridge had a great time learning from SlamCamp. Our website is now live and we feel confident that we chose the right partner with Slamdot. We thank Slamdot for the ongoing support. Couldn't have done it without them!"

    —Norma Lindsey

  • Frank's RV Park

    "The folks at Slamdot do a great job helping your business create a custom website!"

    —Kim Mowery

  • Samaritan Ministry / Central Baptist Church

    "I'm working with Jessica to set up a new site with Slamdot. I'm an OK tech person, but needed a lot of guidance to get this all up and running. My experience has been great and she makes me feel a lot smarter than I am! Our site will be up in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to get to SlamCamp. I already have Hershey bars and marshmallows packed! Thanks, Jessica, from your new buddy, Wayne."

    —Wayne Smith

  • Sosa and Sons General Contractors

    "I really had a wonderful experience with Slamdot. We were putting together a webpage for the first time for our business. Wade was great. He got us started and introduced us to Jessica who took it from there. She was very attentive, answered all our questions with great professionalism, and was able to explain things to us, since we are not savvy with this. She took care of things right away, and I was very impressed. They continue to help and support us with questions, and we are planning to attend a SlamCamp in February to better understand how to manage our website. Thank you so much for a wonderful, painless experience. I highly recommend you to anyone seeking a great experience with building a website."

    —Tina Leone Sosa

  • Keystone Adult Day Program

    "Thanks to Slamdot, Keystone Adult Day Program now has a wonderful website to share with the community. Our project manager, Jessica Jones, made building our website a breeze with her simple and easy to do steps. Keystone would definitely recommend Slamdot to anyone interested in a web design for their business."

    —Alexandra Courtney

  • East TN Military Affairs Council

    "The East TN Military Affairs Council just launched a new website that designed and launched by Slamdot. I will tell you right now, there isn't a better website agency in Knoxville when it comes to product and customer service! Daniel Monday and Jessica have been tremendous to work with and we would recommend them to any business looking to upgrade or create a website. Thank you Slamdot for making our experience so great!"

    —Patrice Collins

  • Bill Roop Photography

    "I had an absolutely amazing experience with Slamdot. Their correspondence and attention to detail while working on my website was refreshing. They have been one of my easiest companies to work with and I highly recommend them for your website needs, you wont regret it."

    —Bill-Sherry Roop

  • Moorgate Books

    "A couple of years ago I clipped an article from Everything Knoxville about websites that work. The featured company was Slamdot and I thought it might be a good idea to go local when I was ready to get my website designed. Last fall I began searching for a web hosting company. In the end, I made a great decision: go local, go Slamdot. Right from the beginning, I sensed the staff's energy and their drive to get my business (without being pushy). Now that my beautiful website is live, I can attest to the staff's creativity, friendliness and patience as they walked me through the technical steps of going live and posting blogs. The Slamdot team has built a website that is a joy to use everyday, and I know I can count on them for help going forward, should I need it. Great work, Slamdot!"

    —Diane Morris

  • National Fitness Center

    "Working with Slamdot has been a great. Not only have they provided excellent service and quality products to help our business grow, but, they have also taken the time to correctly educate our employees and staff during the process. If you are looking for a web company that gets projects done and makes your life easier, choose Slamdot."

    —Jacob Long

  • Creative Champion

    "Sean and the team at Slamdot are awesome! They have always done great work for me. I highly recommend them."

    —Ryan Harrell

  • Friends of TN Libraries

    "I work with a nonprofit that is slowly but surely moving into electronic communication. Slamdot and Jessica Jones have been essential to that migration. Slamdot’s responses have been immediate, expert, and beneficial to our cause. "

    —Martha Gill

  • Pinpoint Home Inspections

    "Overall great experience! I couldn't have asked for a better project manager. Jessica Jones was knowledgeable and fantastic to work with. I would highly recommend Slamdot, and specifically Jessica, to anyone looking!"

    —Patrick Cloninger

  • Summit HealthCare of Oak Ridge

    "Our experience was great--we loved SlamCamp!!! Our website build went quickly--Slamdot is a great partner. Could not have done this without them--Jessica was awesome!!!!"

    —Cindy Murphy

  • Karen Jernigan Social Security Disability Law Firm

    "I just finished working with Jessica Jones at Slamdot creating my website. When I met with Daniel Monday at the first visit to learn about Slamdot and what they did and how the process worked, he took time and explained everything since I was completely new to this. I was sold on Slamdot after that meeting. Jessica was a pleasure to work with through the entire process. When I gave her content for the website she put it up on the same day. She listened to my concerns with an open mind and offered solutions. Creating a website was so much easier working with professionals such as these!"

    —Karen Jernigan

  • Restructuring Advisors

    "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in getting our website launched. No doubt there must have been time when you wanted to strangle me as we worked through the various design elements. One of your strengths is listening to your client's unstructured ramblings and being able to convert that data into a tangible concept. Your helpful ideas and experience served to provide us with guidance that was on target and much appreciated."

    —Jim Burritt

  • Wafloy Mountain Village

    "Great experience working with Slamdot. Our new website looks great and it was nothing but professionalism working with their staff. Highly recommend."

    —Chad Eidemiller

  • June 2014 ACCC Chamber June Newsletter

    "Slamdot's COO Daniel Monday was recognized as volunteer of the year with the President's Award for the American Marketing Association's Knoxville chapter at KAMA Honors event in May. The award recipient is chosen for outstanding service by a chapter volunteer."

    —The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce

  • Training Edge Fitness and Yoga

    "I hired Slamdot to create a website for my small business and I am thrilled with the results. Just as I had hoped, the site is clean and easy to navigate. But it's the rapid response from the Slamdot team when I need a quick update or added link to my site that makes their service so invaluable to me. I know I will continue to rely on Slamdot's expertise to increase traffic and revenue for my business."

    —Kate Shult

  • Eastside Kettlebell

    "Slamdot has been great at getting my website together. The staff made the process so easy and answered all of my questions. They made me feel comfortable asking any question I had due to having little knowledge of designing a website. I also like how they provide ongoing support and will help anyway they can. The website works fast and is beautiful! I have already recommended Slamdot to several other business owners who want a better and more efficent website!"

    —Kip Scott

  • BGT Recruiting & Consulting, Inc.

    "When we established our firm and got to the point where we decided to upgrade our website, the Slamdot group was who we called without hesitation. They worked with us to get our website up and running, and have consistently been available when we have had questions or any issues (which have been very few and quickly resolved). We would strongly recommend working with Slamdot when it comes to your website needs!"

    —Jill Green

  • Blount County Community Action Agency

    "Thanks for all your excellent work. You have always been prompt in response to my requests and have clearly communicated what I needed to do to move the project forward. You have made what appeared, at first, to be a huge task easily accomplished. It has been a pleasure working with you."

    —David Buchanan

  • Knoxville businesses look back on 2013, share outlook for 2014

    "In 2013, we added two more employees to our sales and support teams, with plans to hire several more in 2014. We also signed more than 200 new clients and increased our revenues by a little over 30 percent. We introduced several new products and services, such as our mobile website package for smartphone users, and an advanced search engine optimization upgrade to help our customers increase their search visibility."

    — Carly Harrington, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • Ally Insurance Co.

    "The Slamdot experience was one-of-a-kind. In starting a new business, I became very busy very quickly! Which frequently caused delays in my response time. But, they were awesome throughout the whole process, always answering any question that I had along the way. They were so very thorough and solved a few problems that we incurred during the process. The site couldn't be set up any better, and is exactly how I envisioned it. For those that need a website, I'd definitely recommend Slamdot."

    —Mel Evans

  • The Gamma Beta Phi Society

    "Our time with Slamdot has exceeded all of our expectations. We went to their office with only a vague concept in mind, and their creative team turned our idea into a reality. After launching the site, Slamdot's commitment to our project never wavered. Every time we had a question or needed to make a change, Slamdot was there to provide advice and tackle the job."

    —Kevin Fillers

  • Quality Medical Center of Crossville

    "My website recently went live, and I have to say that the final product exceeded my expectations. Working with my project manager at Slamdot was a pleasure. They were very helpful and professional in all parts of the process. They paid attention to my ideas, as well as offered their own suggestions when needed. The entire process has been a pleasure. I would definitely recommend Slamdot to others."

    —Pat Hamlin

  • Tammy's Touch Nail Spa, LLC

    "I am a new client of Slamdot. I knew absolutely nothing about Facebook or web sites. After Slamdot brought me aboard, I have learned so much. Working with them was a blessing. They were very patient with me and walked me through the entire process. And, let me tell you, my web site and Facebook are awesome!!!! Thanks Slamdot!"

    —Tammy Keys

  • Freedomlink Rx, LLC

    "I have taken one SlamCamp class and plan to follow your advice so that we can expect to rise in Google searches in the near future. It is nice to know that Knoxville has world class professionals when it comes to building effective websites. I look forward to working with your team going forward."

    — Harlan Goan

  • Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning

    "I just want to offer you a sincere 'THANK YOU' for what Slamdot has done for my business. It really is the very best investment I have made, bar none! Our presence on the web I know would not be possible without you."

    — Roger Heldreth

  • Blount Co. Habitat for Humanity

    "I can't say enough about how easy and enjoyable the experience of building our new website was because of Slamdot. Our organization shopped around before meeting with the folks at Slamdot, and from our initial consultation with them they stood out from the rest of the pack. The staff listens to your needs and truly strives to meet all of those needs. We are a nonprofit organization and had very specific goals not only for the functionality of the site, but also for keeping costs to a minimum. The staff at Slamdot was able to meet all of our needs and goals as well as fitting everything into our nonprofit budget - which is nearly an impossible task! We couldn't be happier or more proud of our new website, and we would recommend Slamdot to anyone in need of this type of service!"

    — Christina Jenkins

  • Carol Harris Photography

    "When I decided I wanted a website for my business, my decision to work with Slamdot was a wise one. I had seen some of their work and felt that they might be a good fit for me. Because I am a visual artist, having a beautiful website that showcases my work is as important as ease of navigation. What I didn't know at the time I engaged them was how quick and easy it would be to get up and running. My experience with their staff was great. Being an old dog trying to learn new tricks, I ran into some things I didn't understand along the way but Melissa Fagan guided me through the process without a hitch. Immediately after launching, I started getting compliments on my website from professional photographers. I received several private emails and Facebook responses, but an award-winning professional photographer's public response to my very first blog entry sort of says it all: Extremely professional website. Light, airy, colorful, easy to use. Slamdot deserves the credit!"

    — Carol Harris

  • Angela Floyd Schools

    "SLAMDOT helped us with Super Fast Service with our New Online Registration!!!! Slamdot is the BEST!!!!!!"

    — Angela Floyd Canter

  • Men of Valor Engaged

    "Thanks for all your patience and hard work on behalf of Men of Valor Engaged, Inc. I warned you early on I was technically challenged and you guys did a great job of walking us through everything. Once again thanks :). I will definitely send you all my referrals for website needs."

    —Marc Webb

  • Cafe 4

    "Working with Slamdot was a pleasure. From initial development of our web pages to full integration of a mobile platform, Slamdot has been wonderful all the way. They're a great local company with a very helpful staff who knows how to take a customer's abstract idea and turn it into a functional reality. The result was a great design, easy user interface, and a website we can be proud of."

    — Lori Klonaris

  • DT's Refurbishing

    "This was my first experience in putting together a web site. The folks at Slamdot made this so easy for me. What I thought would be an intimidating process, turned out to be fun and a great learning experience thanks to the staff at Slamdot."

    — Robin Cox

  • Friends of the Knox County Public Library

    "Choosing Slamdot was a home run for Friends of the Knox County Public Library. We were intimidated by the scope of our long-overdue site redesign, but our project manager led us through the process with expert guidance, efficient communication and boundless enthusiasm for our project! There's no way we would have gotten such top-notch service-- at such a great price-- anywhere else."

    — Abby Wintker

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral School

    "Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the job that Daniel, Jessica and Melissa from Slamdot did for us at Sacred Heart Cathedral School! Slamdot had great patience in working with us and delivered a sleek, clean, easy-to-use marketing website. The process of building the site was wonderful, and it was great to have a pro like Melissa guiding us along the way. Hats off to Slamdot; we are very grateful you have been part of our communications plan."

    — Pam Rhoades

  • Consign to Design

    "Best decision we made at Consign To Design! Great people and easy to work with, great prices too! Thanks guys!"

    — Kristi Hickey

  • Morgan County Emergency Management & Homeland Security

    "Great company to work with. Very helpful in getting our page set up. New site looks great! Would recommend you give them a try."

    — Jody Zorsch

  • GO! Contemporary Dance Works

    "The SlamCamp on working with WordPress was fantastic! Thanks guys!"

    — Lisa Hall-McKee

  • Widespread Vacuuming

    "Slamdot did a fantastic job on getting us up and running on our website. Our Project Manager, Jessica Jones, couldn't have been more helpful. It was a pleasure working with this company. Thanks Slamdot!"

    — Dawn Webb

  • Visual Communication Interpreting

    "I really appreciate your responsiveness! It is night and day compared to the website management we had before! Kudos to Slamdot!"

    — Kyna Hively

  • Gillon Creative

    "You guys are so awesome. Always right there and so hopeful. I've been building a freelance advertising business in Memphis and your organization has been tremendous in giving me the tools to excel with my web projects."

    — Doug Gillon

  • Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning

    "Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning switched to Slamdot at the beginning of 2013 and it is by far the best investment we have made since starting our business. The support staff immediate response time to questions, requests, and problems exceeds our wildest expectations. If you are not using Slamdot you are not maximizing your ability to rise to the top on Google or any other search engine."

    "We were stunned by the attention to detail and the education provided to help us navigate our own site. Trust us when we say this is a true partnership!!!!!"

    — Roger Heldreth

  • Take Me to the Smokies

    "Thanks to everyone at Slamdot for their fantastic work! Our website looks incredible! Special thanks to Jessica! From everyone at Take Me to The Smokies!!!"

    — Mary Jo Latham

  • Independent Insurance Consultants

    "Prior to our Slamdot website, I would google 'Medicare Knoxville' in hopes that Independent Insurance Consultants would be moving up in Google page rank. I remember giving up when I reached page 22 on Google and it appeared that [we] did not exist on the world wide web. If you google 'Medicare Knoxville' today [we] consistently show up on page one of Google."

    "I genuinely believe the additional pieces that Slamdot incorporates into each website (blog, Flickr photos, social media, maps, and SEO [plugins]) have a huge impact on our search engine rank. The Slamdot team did such a great job with the 'behind the scenes' SEO that my job to maintain it is both simple and fun!"

    — Kim Olen

  • Steel Standing, LLC

    "As an author sharing a true story highlighting a medical breakthrough, it is vitally important my web site is exceedingly visible. Slamdot is instrumental configuring my site's predominance by achieving crucial SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The success I have garnered is due to Slamdot's team using innovative strategies and diligence to provide excellent performance for their clients' business needs."

    — Christa C. Davis

  • Clayton Inspection Service, Inc.

    "I walked into Slamdot with a lackluster website looking for help. They not only gave me a terrific looking website for a great price, but my Google placement improved dramatically."

    — Jack Feldmann

  • BST Concierge

    "I asked Slamdot to design and host my site a couple of years ago. They showed me how to grow my traffic using a few basic content techniques that I can do myself. In about 6 weeks, my site went to page 1 of Google in my key search terms...and I was attracting new customers from other states and as far away as Egypt and Hong Kong. Thanks, Slamdot!"

    — Tim Petree

  • Joe & Sharon's Music

    "Sharon and I have two websites built by Slamdot and maintained mostly by me. I wanted fairly straightforward sites that were easy to navigate, could get our message across, and were easily maintained. Daniel and Elizabeth did a fantastic job guiding us through the building process, and subsequently helping me understand SEO and working with word press. Daniel has been especially helpful to me lately in coming up with ways to publicize our sites and understanding how blogging increases visibility to search engines. Whenever I've had questions or problems with either site, Slamdot has been quick to respond. I originally chose Slamdot so that I would have some real people to talk to when I needed them. That decision has been one of the best ones I've ever made."

    — Joe Babb

  • Huck Finn's Catfish

    "The team at Slamdot did a GREAT job for us! We had them redesign our old website and we couldn't be happier. They had a lot of great ideas and were always happy to help us with any questions or special requests. We had a store section on our old website and had never sold anything. On our new website, we have sold many items through our store section. We average about 5 items per week. The way they set this up to pay thru PayPal couldn't be easier. We are gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding the new website. The whole Slamdot team is AWESOME~ Thanks!"

    — Karen Moore

  • Oak Ridge Locksmith

    "Check Slamdot out! You won't regret it!"

    — Keith Kors

  • 2013 AAF-Knoxville ADDY® Winners

    "Two Silver ADDY® Awards for Parker Charcoal and Runners Market [and] Six Bronze Citations of Excellence for Glowmed, Huck Finn's Catfish, Nutting Comprehensive Dentistry, Shae Designs, The Gamma Beta Phi Society, and YWCA Knoxville."


  • Volunteer Mechanical

    "We are very happy with the new website! We enjoyed working with you and could not be happier with our end product! I also like that you offer classes to educate our staff and keep us up to date in this technology changing world! We look forward to your newsletters and working with you on keeping up to date! Thank you all so much!!!"

    — Kimberly Wood

  • Moniker Announces Partnership With Slamdot — Providing Web Design Services for Businesses

    "We selected Slamdot based on the quality product and service they deliver to their clients. Slamdot will extend this personalized service to Moniker clients while adding value for our customers needing to get online in a manner that reflects their business needs and goals."


  • BGT Recruiting & Consulting, Inc

    "BGT Recruiting & Consulting, Inc. highly recommends the Slamdot team for website design! As a startup company, we needed an affordable package with a quality design, so we immediately called Daniel Monday! Thank you Slamdot, we look forward to our new website!"

    — Lisa Blevins Coulter

  • Van Elkins

    "Someone who visited www.vanelkins.com (your design) complemented its appearance, design and organization. Get this - she's a web designer! Hat's off to you, Slamdot!"

    — April Fortner

  • Healing Arts Garden

    "You guys did an amazing job on our website, it's perfect. And the support and customer service is top-notch. Thanks again."

    — Chris Pyne

  • Huck Finn's Catfish

    "What a GREAT job Slamdot did for our website. We couldn't be happier with the project from start to finish and beyond. Anytime we need anything, they are quick to respond and help out. No question is too small. Thanks so much!"

    — Karen Moore

  • Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing

    "Two years later I still get great compliments on the websites created for my company by Slamdot. More importantly, their knowledge and customer service is top-notch. I went through some bad experiences before I found them. If you need good service, don't hesitate. Slamdot is it!"

    — Penny Behling

  • Miller Communications

    "Slamdot did a great job by coordinating my content and photos into a solid, good looking website. I get compliments on it."

    — Clark Miller

  • East Knoxville High School Alumni

    "What a pleasant, enlightening experience. The staff at Slamdot was professional ... and compassionate. Dealing with inexperienced beginners requires major patience and this crew was superb! Thank you Elizabeth and Daniel."

    — Loretta Crowder

  • Performance Air Systems, LLC


    — Amanda Ray

  • Social Media Series: The Social Media and SEO Tango - How They Partner to Improve Your Online Performance

    "For more than a decade, the likes of Google, Yahoo! and Bing have been the dominate avenues our culture uses for finding the things we need, making Search Engine Optimization a primary emphasis for businesses. But nowadays a company's entire web presence consists of more than just their website. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media factoring more heavily into your website's search engine performance, the revolution of digital word-of-mouth in the form of social networking has become equally as important. In this session, you'll learn the importance of a balanced search engine optimization strategy that factors in the power of social networking tools, which paint a broader picture about your business to the Google, Yahoo! and Bing robots that are crawling your website."

    Knoxville Chamber

  • Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing

    "I went to Slamdot with quite a challenging prospect of developing some functional websites for the Dragon Boat events I work. The needs I had were unique and multifaceted, which Slamdot handled with ease and professionalism. I've had endless compliments on the look and layout, and enjoyed a great working partnership with the staff at Slamdot. Big thanks and kudos for a great job!"

    — Penny Behling

  • Social media workshop helps businesses

    "Daniel Monday from Slamdot.com told the group of business leaders that they are missing out on money by not being online. He says they should be on all social media sites like Facebook and Twitter."

    — Kyle Grainger, WVLT

  • BST Concierge

    "BST Concierge switched to Slamdot in early 2011. Web traffic had been OK before, but analytics showed that most people came to our site because they already knew us by name. After optimizing our SEO and following some blogging advice, we began to notice changes. We are on the front page of search engine results for our targeted key words. Local business is good, and we're now fielding requests from people all around the globe with interests in Knoxville. Who knew our small local business could attract clients from as far away as Egypt and China? Thanks Slamdot!"

    — Tim Petree

  • Independent Insurance Consultants

    "Very professional staff that are not only easy to work with - BUT make the whole process both fun and educational! A+"

    — Kim Olen

  • Knoxville East High School Alumni Association

    "What a pleasant, enlightening experience. The staff at Slamdot was professional ... and compassionate. Dealing with inexperienced beginners requires major patience and this crew was superb!"

    — Loretta Crowder

  • Safety Ear

    "Slamdot was great to work with. We had very specific ideas, with very little knowledge about how to make them happen. Slamdot helped us make all of our ideas come together on a very user friendly and informative website that we are proud to show off. Thanks Slamdot."

    — Zach Fine

  • Searchlight Creative

    "I've been in the web game for a long time, and these guys have got it going on. They know the tech, they know the customer service, and they know how to be real. My vote is forever theirs."

    — John McCulley

  • Steel Standing

    "I am so impressed with Slamdot's performance, customer service, attentiveness to details in follow up and follow through! And so glad I was referred to your company!"

    — Christa Davis

  • The Bridal Suite

    "I'm loving my new Slamdot site. Thanks for making the process as painless as possible and being patient with my requests. I was reluctant to spend the money for a re-do, but I'm so glad I did!"

    — Sonya Scott

  • Joe and Sharon's Music

    "Just wanted everyone to know that Slamdot built us a fantastic website and we are really excited. Everyone at Slamdot was professional and friendly, even when I asked silly questions. I learned a lot, not only from helping build the site, but also from the SlamCamp on WordPress. We can highly recommend Slamdot."

    — Joe Babb

  • Turkey Creek Tinting

    "What an incredible team they have put together over there at Slamdot. They did our site and it is incredible!! Not only do they do great work, the pricing is as competitive as it gets. We will be using Slamdot for all of our business needs!!"

    — Randy Loveday

  • Above the Rest Event Designs

    "Slamdot's incredibly talented staff designed my website a few years ago and it immediately brought more business to us at Above the Rest Balloon & Event Designs. Through the years, they have continued to answer questions, guide me through updates, updated for me and helped my business remain high on search engines. I definitely recommend Slamdot for preparing easy to use and effective websites! Way to go Slamdot!"

    — Dianna Glandon

  • Great Schools Partnership

    "At Great Schools Partnership, we realized we needed a dynamic website as our focus changed to reaching out to the public. After investigating several different companies, we decided that Slamdot was the company for us! Everyone has been great to work with and updating our website is very easy. We also got great recommendations for Slamdot when we were going through the process of selecting who we were going to use."

    — Virginia Irvine Babb

  • A & C Trades

    "Thank you for your wonderful assistance. I have already recommended Slamdot to several people and will continue to do so."

    — Nathan Anderson

  • Little River Trading Company

    "We're about to launch our new website thanks to Slamdot. They have done a great job."

    — Greg Rowe

  • C&L Construction

    "C&L Construction just worked with Slamdot to create our Web site and it was a great experience. We would recommend any company needing a web site or would like some ideas about updating to use Slamdot!"

    — Phil Clendenin

  • Computer Depot, Inc.

    "I was beginning to think there was not a single reliable website designer in the Knoxville Market. After going through multiple design firms we finally contacted Slamdot and was excited to find a company that actually does what they say they are going to do in a timely manner. We are hooked!"

    — Thomas Hill

  • Volunteer X-ray

    "When we chose Slamdot almost 2 years ago to help us construct our website, we knew nothing about it. Now, through their training...and patience, we now update our website whenever we need to. Now through SlamCamp we can increase our web presence using the information from the classes...thanks Slamdot!"

    — Jeff Johnston

  • Joe Jarret for Law Director

    "My wife and I have been nothing short of impressed with the technical expertise, professionalism, and personal attention received at the hands of the Slamdot team. We hope to use your services for years to come and we are recommending Slamdot to our friends and colleagues!"

    — Joe Jarret

  • Mutual Insurance Agency

    "Working with Slamdot not only made our task of creating a website less daunting, but turned it into an exciting project for our company. After the initial meeting with them, our attitude towards this process quickly shifted from nervousness to anticipation. Their team offered an ideal website set-up for our family-owned insurance agency. Our project manager was a patient guide and reference for us throughout the process. Our site was up quickly and we are extremely pleased with the final product. I would recommend Slamdot's services to business colleagues and friends."

    — Kevin McGlothin

  • Pressley Bros. Entertainment

    "I highly recommend Slamdot. Personally, I chose Slamdot because of their excellent customer service. Meeting the people behind the title and knowing I can always access them at the Slamdot store, assured me that the Slamdot team exists to help me succeed by offering quality websites that WORK. Thanks Slamdot!"

    — Tim Pressley

  • Image Naturel

    "This is a completely new venture (and adventure) for me and they have been most knowledgeable, understanding, patient and kind. Not only did Slamdot construct the website, they offer classes on how to maintain your website and how to get the most return on your investment. Their services have been most reliable and informative. Thanks guys, you made the seemingly impossible, very easy."

    — Mary Bluford

  • Russell's Pest Control

    "Thank you, Slamdot, for your knowledge and expertise in building our site. The site was designed in a matter of a few days."

    "We have already seen an increase in leads from our site. We would suggest talking to Slamdot before you commit to any other web site design company."

    — Mary Jo Shoemaker

  • Turkey Creek Tinting

    "Thanks so much to Elizabeth and the whole team for putting an A+ site together for us; it is already paying dividends. We are proud to say Slamdot built our site, and plan on working with them for a long time to come!"

    — Robert Millard

  • Firewater Associates

    "I really appreciate the time and effort your company put towards making website building simple, straight forward and methodical. I have run into so many small businesses that just don't deliver what they promise, and yours was truly an exception. I applaud the planning and preparation you have done on the front end to prevent surprises and make a smooth transition to a live website."

    — Kahren White

  • 2nd Time Around Consignment Sale

    "Slamdot did a great job in creating a user friendly website for me. Thanks Again!!"

    — Andrea Vogel

  • Halls Business & Professional Association

    "We obtained several proposals from website developers and Slamdot's pricing was very competitive - both in site development and hosting. We are still in the process of building the site, but they are great to work with and have taken the fear and mystery out of the equation. I would recommend them to anyone needing a new website or hosting for an existing one."

    — Bob Crye

  • Everything Knoxville Cover: Websites that Work

    "We make the entire process of starting and managing a website simple. Our relationship with our customers doesn't end when the website is completed; it's really just the beginning. The long-term partnership we have with our customers is the most rewarding. We enjoy helping them grow their businesses through the Internet by showing them how to leverage available technologies through SlamCamps. We focus on getting results, and have a strong passion for customer service. We encourage anyone to ask around about us and check our references. What sets us apart is the Slamdot Experience, and it's unique to us."

    Everything Knoxville

  • Mashburn Home Builder

    "We want to personally thank everyone at Slamdot for helping us build a better and useful website. What a great group of individuals who saw our vision and took it to a whole new level. Thanks so much!! You have been awesome to work with!! The website is awesome!! WE LOVE IT!!!!"

    — Libby Sorrell

  • International Accents Travel

    "Everyone needs to work with their clients the way Slamdot does."

    — Cindy Rainwater

  • Sweet P's Barbeque & Soul House

    "At Sweet P's Barbeque & Soul House, we love to cook, grill, smoke and have fun. We do not like computers, emails, newsletters, twittering, etc. However, having an online presence is the nature of the small business beast. Due to our fears and online insecurities we were ignoring a big piece of the marketing puzzle. Then, through the Knoxville Chamber, we got turned on to Slamdot. That was 4 years ago and they have been a part of our company's success ever since. We started using them to host our website and to help create a newsletter so we could communicate better with our customers. They ended up doing a lot more than just that. Whenever there was a problem or question, Slamdot never hesitated to answer, fix, and explain. Their customer service is as good as it gets."

    "As our business grew, our online presence needed to grow with it, and again we turned to Slamdot. They recently did a custom website for us and improved not just the look, but the strategy and approach to having a website that works for you, informs your customers and creates additional revenue streams. Dependable, knowledgable and great to work with are all things we expect from those we work with, and at Slamdot they deliver."

    — Chris Ford

  • Linger Lake Lodge

    "I sincerely wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the professional service and assistance you and your staff have afforded me these last few months. When I came to you, I was in a quandary of confusion and discord about my web site that didn't accomplish what I wanted it to do...it was not interactive and very difficult to navigate for the consumer. You took my ideas and designed an attractive, professional, interactive, easy to navigate and functional web site that has received rave reviews from my customers and others…many asked...'who did it' and I told them 'The people at Slamdot who asked first what I wanted to accomplish with my site, not what they thought I needed'. The support and training which followed our new relationship has been beyond expectation. In fact, some of the ideas you have suggested have saved me time and money that I would have continued to waste. One of the things I value about our partnership (and I do feel we are partners) is that you are readily accessible to my needs and respond with even more good ideas. I eagerly look forward to a long and exciting venture as I grow in my knowledge and experience in this world of technology."

    — John P. McRae

  • Ownby Law Firm

    "Our emails have worked flawlessly since we moved our business to Slamdot. I am very excited about working with the Slamdot folks in the future to further improve our website and increase our online presence."

    — Jere Ownby

  • Clutter-Free and Organized

    "What I appreciate about Slamdot is that they patiently answered all my questions when I was considering moving my site. I am not a techie person and they were so easy to understand. The person who did my websites told me that Slamdot was great to work with."

    — Mary Pankiewicz

  • Stone Creek Surfaces

    "Thank you to Slamdot for all your help with the new Stone Creek Surfaces website. We have learned so much in a short period of time. Everyone at Slamdot has been very helpful and we have already seen an impact on our traffic and business."

    — Laura da Ponte

  • Knoxville Dentist Info

    "Daniel and the folks at Slamdot really made our project happen, and in record time! They actually did what they said they would do, and it all works! Thanks Daniel and Melissa, and the Slamdot team for making our project great!"

    — William Parrish

  • Rhyne & Patton Optometrists

    "We love our new website! It's turning out to be a great success already :-)"

    — Drs Rhyne & Patton

  • Blount County Community Action Agency

    "Attended a great SlamCamp yesterday on The Basics of WordPress Website Management taught by Elizabeth Christman. I would recommend SlamCamps to everyone and can't wait for the next one on LinkedIn."

    — Nancy E. Sentell

  • The Cash Flow Group

    "Well, besides being very satisfied with the appearance and presentation of the site, I would like you to know that, just through organic placement, we have already signed 20 new clients from January 1 through April of this year. We are thrilled to say the least."

    — Art Schnitzer

  • OnTrac

    "Good afternoon! Hope all is going well. The website is rolling along smoothly. I want to thank Slamdot for all the hard work. It has really made a difference for us."

    — Greg Owen

  • Harrington: Slamdot directory a social hub

    "The directory, called Slamdot Circle, serves as a hub that links all of a business' social networking profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube and Foursquare."

    — Carly Harrington, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • Execs tout innovation at Progressive Marketing Summit

    "Sean Christman, CEO and founder of Slamdot, a Knoxville Web hosting and design firm, and Slamdot Chief Operating Officer Daniel Monday talked about search engine optimization and techniques that anyone can utilize to improve the optimization of his or her website."

    — Carly Harrington, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • PB-UP

    "Just a quick note to thank you for all your help. The website is everything I had hoped for, and even more. Your professional advice and guidance, along with your quick response by making requested changes quickly, got my site up and running on time and on budget. I am so glad I came to Slamdot for help setting up the site."

    — David Stansberry

  • The Greater Knoxville Business Journal's 40 under 40

    "He named the company Slamdot, partly because he envisioned the components of Web hosting as dots that slammed together when integrated. Growth, while steady, picked up momentum on the hosting side by 2007, Christman says, after he moved to Knoxville and expanded into website development."

    — Laura Ayo, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • HangAWreath.com

    "Thanks to the crew at Slamdot, my new business is off the ground, and my orders for wreath hangers are coming in. They have shared my excitement for business start-up, and they've led me every step of the way. Their expertise has taken the initial search for my business from Google's page 16 to page 2 in two short weeks! I credit the expertise of Slamdot with the initial success of my business, and I look forward to my continued relationship with them."

    — Amy Cochran

  • Blount County Community Action Agency

    "I have just finished my second class at SlamCamp and really appreciate having this available to teach people like me who come from a different generation and have a different set of skills (unrelated to technology). The SlamCamp on Facebook and on Secrets of SEO provided me with a lot of great information. I will probably be a perpetual student at SlamCamps as I need frequent reminders of how to develop and improve new skills. Thanks Slamdot!"

    — Nancy E. Sentell

  • International Accents Travel

    "I just want to tell all of you at Slamdot how very happy I am that I moved my website from 'the other place' to Slamdot. You're all great to work with and I am still amazed at the speed in which you respond to my inquiries. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    — Cindy Rainwater

  • Blount County Community Action Agency

    "It is a pleasure to work with you and Slamdot. I know that I am a novice at 'web stuff', but do not feel so ignorant talking with you and your staff."

    — Nancy E. Sentell

  • Harrington: Web design finds retail success

    "When the street reopens later this month, Christman, who is helping relaunch the 100 Block Association, has even higher hopes for his business, which is changing the game of how websites are sold. Christman already is looking for investors or potential franchisors with hopes of opening his second store this year and becoming a website retail chain."

    — Carly Harrington, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • The Career Coach Online

    "I found a bond with all of us trusting one another. I am learning more about website and social marketing opportunities than I ever knew. While we've only done business for two months, I am thrilled with Daniel, Sean, Elizabeth, and Elaine. Slamdot understands and executes my opportunities. Every team member provides recommendations and guidance. Calls and emails are returned almost instantly. Every day is better than yesterday."

    — Michael Curry

  • Strategic Improvement

    "Pam and I would like to send our THANKS to both of you. We appreciate your time, effort, patience, and responsiveness to our needs. Thank you again, we are very proud of the website."

    — Craig & Pam Baker

  • 100 block of Gay Street to reopen

    "For Slamdot, a website design and hosting company at 108 South Gay St. that doesn't depend on walk-in business, the construction hasn't been that bad — though owner Sean Christman says he hopes the reopening will mean more traffic to his store."

    — Rebecca Ferrar, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • Rainwater Farm

    "I have a small soap business that I've wanted to get on the web for several years. I originally thought I could get a college student to do it and I wouldn't have to pay them much. Well, as they say, you get what you pay for and I still didn't have a website. My graphic designer suggested I try Slamdot and four months later, my website was launched, www.rainwaterfarm.com. I think it will take a total of three months to pay for this site. My business has at least doubled in this short period of time."

    "I am impressed with Daniel and Sean. Whenever I have a problem, I bring it to their attention and they respond within hours (if not minutes). I wonder when they sleep because I see what time they have been writing back to me. I am 100% satisfied with the work they have done and wish I had done this years earlier. It is the best investment my business has made."

    — Colette Souder

  • Champion Kitchens and Baths

    "It was great to meet with you. I can't say enough about how nice it is to be provided with prompt, professional, and experienced insight and direction."

    — T.J. Foster

  • Lone Branch Farm

    "I wanted to personally thank you for your great work on the website for my Dad. It looks great. He is telling everyone how great a job you guys did!!!"

    — Doug Minter

  • Wood-n-Goods

    "Thank you again for your prompt response. It's a pleasure to receive such wonderful service."

    — Sandra Dyer

  • Offline Website Sales from Slamdot

    "Customers walk in, a sales staffer helps them select an appropriate package, then they check out in the time-honored retail store fashion."

    — Rose Kennedy, Metro Pulse

  • Selling Web Hosting and Design at Retail

    "This is the type of new, innovative, out-of-the-box idea I really like to see, and I wish them the best of luck."

    — Mitch Keeler, Web Hosting Show

  • Slamdot to Sell Design and Web Hosting at Retail

    "The Slamdot store – a project that might fare better in the current era of Apple Stores, Nike Stores and various other product-branded storefronts – is an effort to bring web site design to customers in a traditional buying environment they'll find familiar."

    — Liam Eagle, Web Hosting Industry News

  • Web design firm opens store

    "While downtown Knoxville window-shoppers can peruse everything from natural-fiber clothing to gourmet ice cream, it's less common for an Internet business to lean on a retail storefront to help attract customers. Slamdot, though, is hoping to de-mystify the process for customers who may be intimidated by the thought of hiring a Web designer - and to make it easier for clients to get tech support for their sites."

    — Josh Flory, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • Chamber honors Pinnacle businesses

    "Sean Christman, president and founder of Slamdot Inc., an innovative Web-hosting and development company, earned the Young Entrepreneur Award, which honors a professional age 40 or younger who is on track to be a top business and community leader."

    Knoxville News Sentinel

  • Visionary Horizons Wealth Management Group

    "I want to take a moment and recognize the entire Slamdot team for hosting our website. You have done a remarkably wonderful job. First, the transition project was the easiest, smoothest and least troublesome project I have ever worked on. Secondly and most importantly, in the short 2 weeks since our new website was launched, Visionary Horizons has skyrocketed on the search engines from being not found to be on page 2 of Google and page 1 of Yahoo."

    "Slamdot is fantastic, worth working with, and has earned a well deserved recommendation from us."

    — Andrew J. Polyak

  • 101 Innovative Ruby on Rails Web Apps

    "Makes web hosting easy. Allows you to manage your website, domain registration, billing details, and support all in one place."

    — Kim Roach, ZanyPixel

  • Harrington: Slamdot integrates functions

    "What makes Slamdot unique is a proprietary Web hosting control panel which integrates billing, support, hosting and domain name management into a single tool requiring just one username and password."

    — Carly Harrington, Knoxville News Sentinel

  • Marian Moss Enterprises

    "Suuuhweet! Thank you again. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have found a host run by cool humans rather than a bunch of FAQs! I'll definitely be transferring my other (simpler!) sites to Slamdot as soon as I get acclimated."

    "I have been looking for a simpler host for a while... I have used local folks, 1&1, godaddy, etc. and was tired of having a backend with 55 buttons that you could never find your way around. I don't do much web work—I am only good enough to be dangerous, so I searched for simple web hosting. Found a bunch of people claiming to be simple and they were the same old cPanel backends... then searched blogs and found someone recommending you. Your site sold me on it pretty much immediately... I could tell you guys actually spent time making it EASY!"

    — Stephen Grassie

  • Slamdot.com: Making the Web Friendlier

    "You can do so much, and so easily, with Slamdot's control panel that I simply couldn't include everything. I admit, I've never used a control panel from a web hosting company before, but I quickly felt right at home using this one."

    — Terri Wells, Dev Shed

  • New and expanded business activity

    "The control panel was developed using Ruby on Rails, a stable development framework that allows for the ability to quickly implement new features in the future. The company also provides Web site design services small to medium-sized businesses."

    Knoxville News Sentinel

  • Jubilee Banquet Facility

    "I first talked to Daniel Monday from Slamdot about a year ago, at that time I myself had been in business for one year. He came to my company, Jubilee Banquet Facility, to tell me how he could improve my existing website and better my business. I felt that at the time I had limited funds and needed to be careful with the "extras" that I spent. I had a website why pay for a new one, right? So for another year he checked in from time to time and I kept putting him off... until May 2009! I FINALLY had Slamdot redesign my website and what a difference! I told Daniel I am black and blue from kicking myself for not listening to him sooner. We have had such a great response from all the clients who have gone to our website and checked us out since bringing Slamdot onboard our team! In the month of June we have had 38 clients asking for quotes on parties and have already booked 4 out of that 38, it has made a huge impact on Jubilee. Thanks to Slamdot!!!"

    — Sharon Morton

  • Slamdot

    "Web hosting that focuses on simplicity."

    — Emily Chang, eHub

  • Slamdot Launches Web 2.0 Control Panel

    "The company has focused its attention on developing a user-friendly, thoughtful, web-based account management tool that serves as the foundation of its Web hosting service."


  • Women's Way Weight Management Coaching

    "When I was introduced to Slamdot by a member of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, I outlined the task at hand: to create an appealing, marketable website for an affordable price and to educate me as part of the process. My first impression was that these guys are really smart... so much so, that I felt they couldn't possibly speak my language and wouldn't really be the best people to work with."

    "They offered me the best price in town, so I went with them. I am so glad that I decided to sign-on. Slamdot ended up being a fantastic guide along the way, answering all of my questions with clarity and completeness - always searching for the best solution to every one of my concerns."

    "The work that Slamdot did for me was always thorough, on-time, and filled with personal interest. They always addressed my needs as if I were their most important client (which, at the cost of my development package, I know I couldn't have been)."

    "Thank you, Slamdot, for your excellent work. I recommend your services to anyone looking for honest, solid workmanship. I was very impressed with all that you offered, both in terms of quality of service and efficiency of process."

    — Siri Khalsa-Zemel, MS, RD, LDN

  • Review : Slamdot Web Hosting

    "Slamdot is all about simplicity. One central place to manage everything."


  • Quality Web Hosting!

    "Their control panel is one of the easiest I have ever seen on [the] net."


  • Bell Digital Media

    "The team at Slamdot did a great job creating a webpage for me. I am getting more business than ever."

    — Dale Bell

  • Agape

    "I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help with the e-mail problem that we experienced last week. You were very prompt, courteous, and professional in dealing with the problem. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your staff."

    — Donna Miller

  • Glowing Body

    "The folks at Slamdot made it possible for a complete computer novice to easily navigate through daily website maintenance! They designed and executed exactly what we needed. Every detail was taken into consideration and they also offer fast, personal support that is very unusual in the day of the automated service call!"

    — Hollis Church

  • Slamdot.com - Painless Web-hosting

    "Slamdot is user-friendly, navigation doesn't give you fits, and it's reliable."


  • Appalachian Valley Training Center

    "Slamdot created the website for our startup business, Appalachian Valley Training Center, Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee. Before finding Slamdot, we had a bad experience with another local graphic designer and had met with a few others. We chose Slamdot because they were affordable and seemed to have the necessary expertise in web design, but the service they have provided has proven to be invaluable. The prompt and professional customer service they deliver along with an excellent product make Slamdot an excellent choice for those seeking a web designer. Take my word on their excellent customer service!"

    — Michelle Greer

  • Web 2.0 Hosting From Slamdot

    "All your account functions are available from a central dashboard which is really easy to get used to."

    Everybody Go To

  • Halls Cleaners

    "I recently switched my website provider from Homestead to Slamdot. The annual savings is considerable, the company is local and service is great. Slamdot also rebuilt my website and is now more easily found in searches and more user friendly."

    — Chris Mynatt

  • Review: Slamdot Internet Hosting

    "I am thoroughly impressed with the comprehensiveness of this panel and could not say enough good things about it."

    Monjurul Dolon

  • Pinnacle Title

    "I want to thank you and everyone at Slamdot who worked on our web page and the order form. You guys did a great job and were always very prompt and efficient. I will recommend you very highly to others."

    — Chris Power

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