We've Arrived! Slamdot + Northshore Town Center = A Perfect Match!

    Oct 20, 2014 Jessica Jones

    Your friendly neighborhood (though in a different neighborhood now!) Slamdot crew has been in our new store for over a month now, and man, are the digs ever sweet! Moving is always chaotic and of course it took us a little time to get settled in, but even with things still in boxes and logistics still to be worked out, the new store was a wonderful fit from day one.

    The only context in which I'll ever say "I love windows!"<figcaption id="caption-attachment-2787" class="wp-caption-text">The only context in which I’ll ever say “I love windows!”</figcaption></figure>

    I for one fell deeply in love with the windows on first sight. While there were many things I enjoyed about our downtown store, the lack of sunlight in our store sometimes seemed a little grim. Now there are large windows on either side of our space, and the windows I get to look through all day open out to a view of trees and a lake. Natural light and views are good for the soul, and my soul definitely feels refreshed!

    Not only are the lighting and views vastly improved, but we’ve got a larger, more open space now. Our front desk is far more inviting, our work areas are more spacious, and our SlamCamp room (where we hold regular classes on Working with WordPress and other topics) is more comfortable. This space does an excellent job of meeting our growing needs and of giving our customers a more pleasant and accessible place to come see us.

    Of course we miss our friends and neighbors downtown, but we’re already making new friends and finding new favorite places. I miss the occasional afternoon Rita’s fix, but I can get afternoon Froyoz now! Cru isn’t right across the street for $5 burger Wednesday, but Pup’s Pit BBQ a little ways down Northshore is not to be missed. And let’s not forget that our store is directly between Cazzy’s Corner Grill and The Casual Pint - really, you can’t go wrong!

    We’ve had quite a few people drop by to welcome us to our new place - both new neighbors (some even brought gifts!) and old friends coming to check out the space. We’ve definitely felt welcomed, that’s for certain! If you’re one of the ones who have dropped by, thank you! If you haven’t been to see us here yet, keep your eyes open for details of our upcoming holiday open house! We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the season and the space with snacks and an adult beverage!

    Until then, check out our new Facebook album for more pictures of the new store!

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