Use These 3 Google Local Tools to Get More Patients For Your Urgent Care Clinic

    May 02, 2020

    Your urgent care clinic marketing strategy needs to revolve around Google. Why? With over 3.5 billion searches performed on the platform daily, it’s where consumers turn when they have an immediate need. This includes finding a local urgent care clinic.

    For local organic search to Google Ads, you want to be certain that your urgent care clinic is shown to those that are in need of the services you offer. A comprehensive Google marketing strategy positions your clinic at the top of the search results and gives you the opportunity to scale your clinic’s growth exponentially.

    Google offers a complete suite of tools to its advertisers and local businesses. We are going to focus on three of the most effective and important Google local tools that we use to help take your urgent care clinic marketing to the next level

    1. Google Ads (PPC)

    Running an urgent care clinic Google Ads campaign is the fastest way to pull in patients that are in need of the services you offer. With a local SEO effort it can take time to begin to rank for the keywords and search phrases that attract patients.

    With PPC ads you are paying for each click, but it enables you to place your offer in front of targeted users almost instantly. An urgent care clinic PPC campaign can be launched quickly and there are a few different ad formats we like to focus on.

    Local Service Ads (Click-to-Call)

    One of the most effective urgent care clinic PPC formats is local service ads. This uses the same cost-per-click bidding strategy as regular PPC, but when someone clicks on your ad they are not taken to your website.

    Instead, they can either submit a form requesting information or they can instantly connect to your urgent care clinic via the phone. There isn’t a higher quality lead available. When someone is in need of an urgent care clinic it’s because he or she has an immediate medical need.

    Instantly connecting the potential patient to your clinic and removing all possible friction greatly increases the number of clicks that convert into walk-in patients. This ad format also allows you to extend Google Guaranteed, which is a purchase protection perk offered to Google users that covers the cost of the product or service. It’s a value-add you can extend to instill more consumer trust.

    GDN (Google Display Network)

    Display ads are a great way to “touch” previous leads and website visitors. The Google Display Network (GDN) is a network consisting of millions of blogs and websites that will essentially allow your clinic to “follow” those that expressed interest in your clinic as they browse the internet.

    Using cookies, you can place targeted urgent care clinic ads specific to the services the particular visitor was inquiring about on your website. The window of time is short — it’s unlikely that they will be in need of your services 24 to 48 hours after their initial inquiry.

    Bidding occurs on a CMP (per thousand impressions) and CPC (per click) basis. We split-test several variations, but generally with urgent care clinic patients we want to put the offer in front of them immediately after they leave your website. With such a small window of time to convert them, CMP (cost-per-thousand) bidding is typically the most effective.

    Google Video Ads

    Another effective way to remarket is through Google video ads on YouTube. It’s important that your urgent care clinic marketing campaign covers all of the popular media formats and YouTube is actually the number two search engine right behind Google.

    Someone might visit your urgent care clinic website and then go to YouTube to look for information. If you place a remarketing video ad in front of them right away there is a good chance that they revisit your website and then convert into a patient.

    Video is a highly engaging form of content. Again, as mentioned above, you have a very tiny window of opportunity to convert that individual. With a high probability of them having an immediate medical emergency they are looking for an immediate solution.

    1. Google My Business (Google Maps)

    Organic search traffic can be the bread and butter of your urgent care clinic marketing strategy. Before we roll out an urgent care clinic SEO campaign that involves link building and content marketing we have to make sure your clinic’s Google My Business profile is published correctly.

    You will never dominate the urgent care clinic Google Maps results unless your business profile is optimized perfectly. The data and information contained within your Google My Business page is what the local search algorithm pulls form when it determines what businesses to show on the Google Maps results and in what order they are displayed.

    Our team of SEO experts optimize your urgent care clinic Google My Business profile, ensuring that all of the contact information is correct and the business description is optimized to show up in the search results for the keywords and search phrases that will attract patients through the doors of your urgent care clinic.

    Your Google My Business also acts as the hub for your urgent care clinic reviews. Positive reviews added on a consistent basis play a large role in your organic search rankings, so it’s important that we put systems and automation in place to secure reviews from as many patients as possible.

    1. Google Search Console

    Data analyzation plays a key role in the overall urgent care clinic marketing strategy. Numbers and data don’t lie and one of the most valuable tools we use is Google Search Console. It allows us to constantly monitor the health of your website and how your website is performing in the local search results. There is also data we can use to help improve the urgent care clinic PPC campaign.

    View Local Organic Search Volume & Identify New Opportunities

    We are able to look at each page on your urgent care clinic website and determine how much traffic hits the page, where it originates from and what search terms are triggering the page to be displayed in Google’s search results as well as what terms and keywords are attracting clicks.

    This data allows us to optimize the entire urgent care clinic search engine optimization effort. If a term is triggering a page to show up often in the results we can then optimize the title and description to pull a higher click-through rate.

    If we notice a particular keyword is ranking on the second or third page of the search results we can then target that term and push it to the first page. It’s not uncommon to find new keywords this way. While Google Search Console is a free tool, it’s one of the most effective at improving the entire Google marketing effort.

    View Website Health & Performance Data

    If Google detects an error on your website and it isn’t addressed it can cause your business to drop in the search results. Monitoring Google Search Console on a regular basis allows us to address any issue that comes up before it can have a negative impact on organic exposure.

    Google has recently adopted a mobile-first focus. When it crawls pages it’s using the mobile version of your website to dictate rankings and visibility. Things like text that is too small or website elements that are too close can lower your visibility, even if everything else is perfectly optimized.

    We also monitor for broken pages and links that result in a 404-error. While they might not appear to be major issues on the surface, if too many of these errors go unaddressed your organic traffic can virtually disappear overnight.

    Final Thoughts

    Google can be your best friend when you know how to leverage it to benefit your urgent care clinic marketing effort. It can be overwhelming at times and the majority of clinic owners don’t have the time to dedicate to manage and optimize campaigns.

    If you are interested in learning how we can take your urgent care clinic marketing to the next level, contact us now for a complimentary consultation. We specialize in urgent care clinic growth utilizing effective online marketing strategies. Let’s discuss making your clinic our next success story.

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