The Slamdot Identity

    Mar 09, 2007 Daniel Monday

    To have a successful company, we needed a couple of things. One being a name, otherwise people would walk around referring to us as “that super-awesome, ridiculously-cool hosting company,” or something similar. Secondly, we needed a logo. These were both necessary to begin building our brand identity.

    Our brand represents integration. Therefore, Slamdot conveys our brand as integrating, or slamming together, all the pieces, or dots, of a web presence. It’s all things good (short, powerful, fun and meaningful) and no things evil, so what’s not to love?

    Next was the logo, which needed to be a visual representation of the name. We sketched out a few ideas and then contacted our good friend, Kale Purdue to give it some love. He created a sweet logo that was bold, simple, and truly said Slamdot, with the “s” and dot forming a sort of modified exclamation point. The rounded square block is reminiscent of classic video games like Super Mario World. And thus, we have something unique and memorable that reinforces our mission - to integrate for simplicity’s sake.

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