The Slamdot Crew at Christmas: Parading, Partying and Prevailing!

    Dec 09, 2014 Jessica Jones

    Daniel Monday and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    The day of the downtown Christmas parade got off to a rough start. A certain baby boy had a difficult night, and as a result our favorite new dad began the day with a significant deprivation of sleep. Things were sure to look up though, right? We were going to the Christmas parade! What could go wrong?

    Your friendly neighborhood Slamdot elves pre-parade!<figcaption id="caption-attachment-2962" class="wp-caption-text">Your friendly neighborhood Slamdot elves pre-parade!</figcaption></figure>


    Lack of sleep can make coordination difficult, and trying to get three people in the same place at the same time - and in time to meet the window for lining up before the parade - requires a bit of coordination. Normally a misstep in the plan (i.e. a poor sleep-deprived new dad forgetting that he was supposed to pick up one of the other participants) would be fairly easy to iron out with the use of a cell phone.

    But only if said cell phone has a charged battery.

    A phone that suddenly drops from 26% charge to stone-dead can make it extremely difficult to round up your two (by now fairly confused) parade buddies. But Daniel would not be defeated! Our intrepid hero visited several businesses on Gay Street until he found one with the iPhone charger he needed and the willingness to lend it to him, and the three of us were able to rendezvous in plenty of time to get the Slamdot Cube lined up for the parade.

    All was right with the world! The car was lined up and decorated, the lights were lit …

    … and then the lights weren’t lit. Apparently it was a night of spontaneous battery failure.

    The show goes on!<figcaption id="caption-attachment-2964" class="wp-caption-text">The show goes on!</figcaption></figure>

    The poor Cube, all decked out and ready to go, wouldn’t start. And our intrepid hero looked a bit like he might like to crawl into the trunk and go to sleep. But we soldiered on! The Slamdot crew would not be kept from our parade! A flurry of activity ensued - phone calls and conversations, the making and rejecting of multiple potential plans. Right when the planning solidified into action, the three of us pushing the Cube in an attempt to turn it around in order to receive a jump start from the float behind us, our deus ex machina arrived in the form of a good Samaritan with a hand held jump starter box. I didn’t know that such a thing existed in the world, but believe me, I will now be buying one.

    The Cube was started, and Christmas was saved! The trials of the evening were vanquished, and your friendly neighborhood Slamdot crew ended up having a fantastic time at the parade. It was great to see everyone who came out, both the other participants (so many brilliantly done floats!) and the audience. If you weren’t able to make it, we hope to see you next year! It’s definitely an event to catch - even if you have to make it through a few shenanigans in order to get there!

    And Now We’re Ready to Party Down!

    The Slamdot crew celebrates the conquest of a mighty conifer!<figcaption id="caption-attachment-2968" class="wp-caption-text">The Slamdot crew celebrates the conquest of a mighty conifer!</figcaption></figure>

    Speaking of events to catch, our Ribbon Cutting & Holiday Open House is coming up this Friday, December 12, from 4pm to 7pm! We really hope that you’ll come join us for some celebration, some snackage (there will be Rita’s! It’s entirely possible that I’m excited about that!) from Cazzy’s Corner, some adult beverages from The Casual Pint and ThunderRoad Wine & Spirits, some conversation, some Christmas music and an all-around good time!

    Our store is decorated, our tree is up, and we’re excited for Friday! We’re really looking forward to celebrating with all of you and showing off our new digs! We hope to see you there!

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