"Spooking" the Slamdot Office

    Oct 24, 2008 Daniel Monday

    After putting out some ghoulish decorations a couple weeks ago, we spent this afternoon decorating our office even further for Halloween, which is just two short weeks away. As luck would have it, some of the spiders we set free all over the office (plastic of course) were a cool, yet spooky, neon lime green, so they matched the normal office decor at the same time.

    The dense spider webbing really added a nice touch to the doorways. I just hope our guests at the office aren’t arachnophobic or we may end up meeting somewhere for lunch instead.

    So, why all the ghastly excitement? Well, we really got into the Halloween spirit this year more than last because we had a hand in getting a big Halloween bash started here in downtown Knoxville called Scare in the Square. With All Hallows Eve falling on a Friday this year it fell into place perfectly. There will be a live band, costume contest, trick-or-treating among businesses, and other games for kids. It should be enough fun to make a werewolf howl!

    Happy Hosting, Happy Haunting, and Happy Halloween!

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