Slamdot Founder wins Young Entrepreneur Award

    May 07, 2009 Daniel Monday

    It’s with great honor that I get to write this particular blog post, because the founder and owner of Slamdot, Sean Christman, who also happens to be one of my closest friends, has won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Knoxville Chamber’s Pinnacle Business Awards for 2009. Beware because you will hear things about Sean that you wouldn’t otherwise hear if I weren’t writing this myself.

    On Friday, May 1st, in front of a packed formal ballroom, with the lights dimmed, and most of the other award winners already announced, roughly 600 of Knoxville’s top business leaders and community members were gathered to watch my short tribute to Sean:

    After surprising the heck out of him, his name was announced and he took to the stage for a short acceptance speech, which if you know Sean was spontaneous and straight from the heart. He thanked our customers, the community, his parents, his wife, and, of course, yours truly. Except, I was only fortunate enough to have randomly met Sean during a brief stint at the same high school back 10+ years ago. His dream, his passion, his knowledge, his charisma, his business savvy, and his vision are what brought us to today. Ok, I was only paid for a couple paragraphs, I believe that’s a wrap. Kidding!

    Here are some pictures from the Friday evening ceremony.

    Pinnacle Business Awards

    Pinnacle Business Awards

    Sean on the Big Screen

    Big screen

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