SEO for Lawn Service Companies - How to Drive More Traffic to Your Landscaping Website

    Sep 21, 2020

    Search engine optimization can help you attract more traffic to your landscaping website, resulting in more leads and lawn care customers. SEO for lawn service businesses is something that can contribute to fast growth and the ability to secure new customers at a very low acquisition cost.

    Lawn mowing, lawn care, and landscaping in general are services that the majority of homeowners need, and when they are seeking a local company to provide these services they turn to Google. If your business isn’t found at the top of the results you are missing out on more customers and business revenue.

    There are multiple lawn care SEO strategies that we use to rank our lawn service clients at the top of Google Maps and Google Search. While search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, over time the traffic volume can snowball and the cost to acquire new lawn care customers decreases.

    SEO is part of a complete landscaping online marketing strategy and reaching the top of Google in your local market will drastically increase your inbound leads and phone calls. Would you like your phone ringing off the hook and more estimate requests submitted through your website? Of course you do, and SEO can single-handily take your business growth to the next level.

    Our agency specializes in providing SEO for lawn service businesses. Let’s dive into why organic search is so powerful in terms of business growth and what strategies we use to rank our clients on the top of Google.

    SEO for Lawn Service Companies

    Increasing Google traffic for a landscaping business requires focusing on two areas. These are Google My Business optimization and content marketing. The lawn service SEO effort must address both areas, as they both serve different purposes in terms of helping your business pull traffic and leads from different sections of Google’s search results.

    Google My Business Optimization for Landscaping Businesses

    Your Google My Business profile is what the Maps section of the local search results pulls from. It requires that you have a fully completed GMB profile with accurate contact information as well as an optimized description for the specific local search terms that you are trying to show up for.

    Google Maps are the results that show up at the very top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) when Google’s algorithm determines that the search query has local intent. This means that when Google feels that its user is looking for a local result, it will show the maps results. For example, if someone searches for “pizza near me” it’s clear that the user is looking for pizza restaurants close to their current location.

    The contact information from your GMB profile is used as well as the information contained in your business description. Additional information, like your Google reviews, are also contributing factors to if, when, and where your landscaping business is shown in the Google Maps results.

    Content Marketing for Lawn Care Businesses

    Below the Maps results are the standard organic results, and this is where we can rank your website’s blog content to show for more specific and detailed search terms and queries. We publish content to your blog regularly that is optimized for specific keywords that are likely to attract customers interested in hiring your business.

    This can help build awareness for your business as well as generate lawn service leads. A local individual might be searching for ways to eliminate grubs from their lawn or how to install an irrigated pond in their backyard.

    Through content marketing, we can target keywords related to all of the landscaping services your business offers and attract website traffic that can be converted into leads. This is one of the most scalable lawn service company search engine optimization strategies and it leads to increased website traffic month-after-month.

    How to Increase a Landscaping Company’s Google Ranking

    The two strategies outlined above, Google My Business optimization and content marketing, need ongoing work to maintain and strengthen your ranking results in the organic results. By always working on improving both areas, we can get more website traffic for a landscaping business.

    Attract Landscaping Google Reviews to Rank Higher on Google Maps

    One of the ranking signals Google uses for its local Maps results is Google reviews. Your business should always attempt to secure reviews from as many customers as possible because it can help improve your lead conversion rate.

    The average consumer trusts third-party reviews and they can be the difference between someone leaving your listing and looking for another option or feeling confident that your lawn care service is the best option for them to request a quote from.

    Google wants to not only see a lot of five-star ratings, but they also want to see recent reviews. This is a good indication that your business is currently providing exceptional service. Remember, Google wants to suggest the best possible business to its users. If your landscaping business has a lot of positive recent reviews it will signal to Google that you are a good option for its users located in your service area.

    When we publish content on your lawn care website’s blog we target keywords and search terms that have lower competition. We can then increase your landscaping company Google ranking by building links to the blog posts. This pushes them up in Google’s search results and with optimized titles and descriptions, we can drive quality traffic to your website.

    Some content will require very little link building, while more competitive keywords with higher search volume will require a more aggressive link building effort to rank on page one. Our content team and link building team works together to coordinate the entire content marketing strategy.

    How to Increase Lawn Service Leads Using Google

    Once the lawn care SEO effort is driving traffic volume we optimize with a focus on increasing the number of lawn service leads generated by improving the conversion rate. This is done by creating single CTAs for each page on your website.

    We see too many lawn service companies send quality traffic to landing pages that don’t have a clear call-to-action and offer. If you give the consumer too many choices or don’t provide enough direction, you will lose them.

    If someone is overwhelmed with too many options or they can’t easily navigate your website to find the information they are seeking they will leave and end up hiring a competitor. For example, if someone searches for “lawn irrigation installation” and your website is the first result and they click-through you will want to make sure a clear CTA is inviting them to request a free estimate for a lawn irrigation system.

    If they land on a page that is generic or has an estimate request form for lawn mowing there will be a major disconnect and that website visitor isn’t going to convert into a lead.

    Sheer traffic volume is one thing, but it’s achieving a high conversion rate that leads to a massive influx of leads, new customers, and record-breaking revenue for your lawn care business.

    Final Thoughts

    With such a large percentage of potential lawn care customers using Google to find solutions for their landscaping needs, your business must be listed at the top of the search results for keywords and terms relevant to the services you offer and your geographical area.

    When a homeowner in your city or town turns to Google to find a lawn care company, he or she is either going to come in contact with your business or a competitor. If you want it to be your business they find, then you need an SEO strategy created to help you attract as much organic traffic to your website as possible.

    If you would like to learn more about our lawn care SEO, please contact our agency today for a complimentary consultation. Our landscaping SEO experts will review your website and current organic presence with you, highlighting areas of improvement we can tackle immediately to start increasing your website traffic.

    A successful lawn service search engine optimization campaign does more than just drive more website traffic. It drives traffic that is highly qualified with a high likelihood of inquiring about hiring your business. We specialize in the lawn care industry and we look forward to becoming your marketing partner and making you our next success story.

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