Painter Marketing 101: Top 3 Tips for Marketing Your Painting Company

    Aug 13, 2020

    Marketing your painting company effectively online requires a strategy that covers several different sources of traffic, which can then be converted into leads. It can be very overwhelming to a business owner that doesn’t have experience with all of the various strategies and ways to generate painting company leads online.

    This is where our painting company marketing experience comes into play, and when you partner with our agency you not only get a team of online marketing professionals working for you, but also a company that understands the ins and outs of the commercial and residential painting industries.

    An agency that is great at search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, web design, and creating content is one thing – one that possesses those skills in addition to having a complex understanding of the painting industry, from initial customer communication through the bidding process is a major advantage.

    We are a painting company marketing agency that focuses its efforts solely on helping local painting companies grow using online marketing. This combination of online marketing expertise and painting industry knowledge helps us drive the kid of results that have helped us become the premier marketing agency for painting businesses.

    When our team handles your inbound lead generation you can focus on what you do best – closing deals and getting painting jobs completed. The last thing you want to worry about as a business operator is where the next lead is coming from.

    While we provide full-service marketing that allows you to be entirely hands-off, it’s still important for you to understand what contributes to a well-rounded marketing effort for your painting company.

    It’s this type of agency-client transparency that leads to long-term success and growth. Take the time to read through these three important parts of an online marketing campaign for painting customer leads. These are highly effective tips we implement for all of our painting company marketing clients.

    Painting Company SEO

    With Google being the number one resource for consumers looking to hire local service providers, you must have a strong painting company SEO strategy designed to rank your business on the top of Google Maps for all of the relevant keywords and search terms related to your local area and the painting services your business provides.

    With a little optimization, your listing should show up as the top result when someone searches your business name, but the majority of your potential customers don’t even know your business exists when they begin their search.

    They are going to be typing in search phrases such as, “painting company in [your city]” or “[your city] painting reviews,” when looking for local businesses for their needs. These are the types of search terms you need to make sure you number one, show up for, and number two, rank high in the results for.

    Most potential customers will quickly scan the top results and then click on the one with the most painting company Google Reviews. This is why developing systems and processes to collect Google reviews from all previous customers is so important. It’s great for social proof, but it also directly contributes to how much organic exposure your business receives in Google’s search results.

    There are several aspects of the painting company search engine optimization strategy that all work together to help elevate your Google My Business listing and website in the search results.

    From fully optimizing your GMB profile and publishing blog content on your website, we are constantly doing things that help scale your website traffic as well as your inbound leads and phone calls. Over time, as the painting company SEO efforts age, the results scale, leading to more customers, revenue, and business growth.

    Painting Company PPC

    Receiving non-stop leads and phone calls organically are what most business owners dream of. After all, that’s why search engine optimization can be so lucrative in terms of the ROI it generates.

    But, it’s not something that happens overnight. It can take time for your organic website traffic to snowball. In the meantime, a painting company PPC campaign can deliver immediate leads and customers.

    It’s a great painting company local marketing strategy for on-demand lead generation, and even when the organic traffic is flowing strongly you will want to run a parallel pay-per-click campaign for your painting business to increase your lead volume.

    SEO and PPC work together to create a powerful one-two punch that leads to complete domination of the search results – both paid and organic. You have to have both areas covered, as some consumers naturally are drawn to the top paid results and others skip right past them and go to the Google Maps results to find a local business.

    You never want to assume where your leads and customers are going to come from. It’s best to make sure your painting company is positioned at the top of all options, and from there we collect data and optimize accordingly. Guessing and assumptions don’t lead to increased results – data does.

    Data is also why your painting company PPC campaign can be beneficial to your overall online marketing results. We can target keywords and long-tail search phrases via PPC first, bidding to get top position, and from there we can analyze impressions, click-through rates, and conversion rates to determine whether or not it’s a profitable keyword to target organically.

    Painting Company Website and Content Marketing

    Your painting company website is often your company’s first impression. A potential customer might search on Google and then see your Google My Business listing information in the Maps results and then click over to your website.

    If it’s hard to navigate, doesn’t have easy to find contact information, or looks poorly designed this is a bad look for your business. You want a potential customer to land on your painting company website and feel confident that they are making the right choice immediately.

    A great website provides answers to common questions in a manner that gets the visitor to want to seek more information, such as a painting quote, and also makes the potential lead feel comfortable that the business they are potentially dealing with is qualified and trustworthy.

    Little trust elements worked into your painting company web design near your CTAs (calls-to-action) like the Accredited Better Business Bureau logo (if you are a member), average Google review rating, local service business associations, awards, and recognition, etc., help to convert more visitors into leads.

    We have an entire team of web designers that understand how to build painting company websites that convert at high rates. Having this team in-house also allows us to create custom landing pages for your PPC campaigns.

    Publishing content on your website’s blog is also a very effective marketing strategy. It not only gives your visitors something to engage with, but it can also help educate and inform them about the painting services your business offers to the point they feel confident enough to explore hiring your company.

    The blog content also complements our search engine optimization, as it gives us the ability to create content that targets long-tail keywords that might have a lower monthly search volume and low competition. As we publish more content the number of organic traffic increases slowly and steadily month-after-month.

    Final Thoughts

    While the three strategies above all aim to accomplish the same goal – generate painting customer leads – they all have different approaches, time frames to experience results, and ways to measure the cost-per-lead.

    PPC ads allow us to start to collect leads the fastest, but over time organic search engine optimization can help drive consistent leads that have a lower CPL, although it can take several months to begin to see a major difference in traffic volume.

    Then, we introduce content publishing to create a well-balanced painting company marketing campaign. This gives potential customers information to read while on your website and it also allows us to target long-tail keywords and search terms to increase organic website traffic over time. Another long-term strategy, when done right and paired with SEO and PPC we can attract local painting customers from all parts of Google search.

    If you are ready to learn more about the painting company marketing strategies outlined above, please contact us for a free consultation and online business audit. Our expert painting marketing team will assess your current Google visibility and design a plan to increase your lead volume cost-effectively.

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