Moving Day Approaches!

    Aug 04, 2014 Jessica Jones

    Many of you already know that very soon Slamdot will be moving our office. We’ve been at 108 South Gay St. since 2009 and in Downtown Knoxville since 2007, so our move to Northshore Village is going to be a considerable change!

    Leaving Downtown Knoxville after so many years is, of course, going to be bittersweet. Downtown Knoxville is such an incredible area, and there are so many things we’re going to miss: tacos at Soccer Taco, visiting the Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays at lunch, burgers at Cru … the list could go on and on. The atmosphere of Downtown Knoxville is a wonderful one as well, vibrant and active, and we’ll greatly miss being a part of that on a daily basis.

    We are, however, anticipating our move with excitement, and we know that in no time at all we’ll have favorite restaurants and coffeeshops and events in our new ‘hood. We’re moving to an area with a dynamic, up-and-coming energy all its own, and a downtownish feel that will keep us from being too homesick!

    The reasons for the move are many, but what it all comes down to is that we’ve outgrown our current space, and the growth of the company is undoubtedly an excellent thing. As we continue to be blessed with more business, we are ready to expand our team, and as a result we simply need more room. The new office is also in a brand new development, which means we’ve had the opportunity to design the space from the ground up, tailoring it to our needs, which will be a definite aid to our productivity and efficiency. We’ve been working with Construction Edge Inc. to make sure the new office is exactly what we want, and it’s starting to really shape up!

    The new development is also going to offer a benefit that those of us back in the Production office are particularly excited about - views of parks and water! Lots of windows to let in the sunlight! Our current office has a lovely downtown view at the front, but sadly the Production office is nested far enough back that the sunlight mostly eludes us. Being able to see outside from my desk is, on its own, an improvement significant enough to make me excited to pack up my Iron Man and Loki desk toys and strike out for the West!

    We are also looking forward to being closer to more of our customers. Before planning the move we asked our customer base about location preferences, and the trend was obvious. When I’ve told clients about our new location, the majority of responses have been along the lines of “That’s great, that’ll be so much more convenient for me.”

    So join in our excitement, have a look at the progress of our buildout (And the windows! And the sunlight!), and wish us luck when moving day comes around! We hope to see you at our new home!

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