Happy Independence Day from Slamdot!

    Jul 02, 2015 Jessica Jones

    Last Independence Day we talked about the variety of fireworks apps available for your smartphone or tablet - well, it’s entirely possible that those apps will come in handy this year if the weather continues as predicted.

    file000312041166 <figcaption id="caption-attachment-3438" class="wp-caption-text">There may be more of this than fireworks this weekend …</figcaption></figure>

    In fact, if you need to simulate the entire 4th of July experience using apps, you can do it! Check out BBQ Grill Maker for Android or More Grillin’ on iOS to sate your need for charring meat over an open fire! You may want to supplement this part of the experience with some actual burgers, even if you can’t grill them outside for fear of getting hit by lightning - otherwise your guests may get a little grumpy (or a little too tipsy, if there are adult beverages involved).

    Unfortunately parade simulators don’t seem to be a thing (yet - come on, developers, here’s an untapped market!) so you may need to settle for an Animal Parade or a Puppy Parade - maybe there’s no marching band but who needs a marching band when there’s so much cute?

    Whatever the weather ends up doing, all of us here at Slamdot hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday - and hey, if you get interrupted by lightning, you can use Lightning Camera to get a good picture for Facebook!

    As enjoying the musical 1776 is one of my time honored Independence Day traditions, I’ll leave you with a song - and, of course, a recommendation to check out the whole musical if you’d like to learn a thing or two about the history of the holiday through the power of cheesy technicolor costumes and jaunty songs!

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