Google's SERP Facelift

    May 10, 2010 Daniel Monday

    Just when you think you’re Googling the same old way, Google switches it up. They recently rolled out the new SERP look and feel, which really just adds more tools and functionality to the search engine results area without your permission. These tools were accessible before, but only if you wanted them. Now they take up space and really clutter up the results page. This wasn’t necessarily a good move for Google, as it makes them more like Yahoo! and Bing. It definitely gets away from their clean look and simple focus on search. The irony is that they made a change a couple months ago where none of the other links or information showed up when you first loaded Google, but if you moved your mouse around everything would fade in.

    It appears others are not that thrilled either. If they had a “classic” version, that would probably get a warm welcome. Or at least the ability to hide the left-side navigation.

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