Google Connect: Automotive Industry

    May 09, 2017 Daniel Monday

    In April, our team learned a lot about the latest in digital marketing from the automotive industry. Because we are Google partners, we have to opportunity to learn new developments that are shaping the digital space, and the auto industry proved to be especially interesting as consumer preferences and marketing trends change.

    Below are the 5 main points that we learned:

    1. The Importance of Owning Your Google My Business Listing- A lot of our new clients come to us worried about their Google My Business Listing.

    In truth, it’s quite easy to setup, but many are overwhelmed with the best practices and, more often, managing their reviews.

    According to Google, 70% of people trust online reviews. This statistic is especially impactful in the automotive industry, where brands and dealerships must establish a higher degree of trust.

    At Slamdot, we offer a software tool to encourage feedback and manage the quality of reviews. Read more about our review service and the importance of quality reviews here.

    1. Showing Up When Customers Are Looking- The unprecedented availability of information is old news, but the ways to harness this technology are always changing. People can reach information as soon as a thought or event moves them. Prospects looking for a car are no different.

    In the session, the presenters outlined a series of “micro-moments” that a prospect experiences when wanting to buy a car. These moments include:

    • Which car is best for me?
    • Is it right for me?
    • Can I afford it?
    • Where should I buy it?
    • Am I getting a deal?

    These moments, exactly like stages in a funnel, give every dealer an opportunity to “show up” when a prospect asks these questions and is willing to interact with the information advertised.

    While traditional advertising is still extremely effective, digital marketing allows you to only receive traffic from people that are already interested and willing to contact you for more info. In concert with each other, a digital strategy can optimize a dealership’s traditional advertising quite well.

    1. Make Your Ads More Profitable- Though this feature is a well-known part of any AdWords repertoire, few dealers realize those bid adjustments can help achieve higher rankings and performance during peak traffic times.

    For example, it generally appears that new car seekers research cars on their lunch break. If you notice more search traffic during this time, like 11:30 to 1, you can adjust your budget to bid higher during these times, leading to more impressions and more clicks.

    Another insightful point made in this category involved optimizing traditional advertising like television and radio. While people are increasingly consuming online media with limited commercials, radio and TV are still a part of people’s lives.

    By adjusting bids to rank higher during air times, people who hear your radio ad or see your commercial can find your number, hours, and other info with a quick mobile search.

    1. Build A Great Mobile Experience- A few years ago, “mobile-optimized” websites were the hottest topic in digital marketing. While this feature is now considered standard, many dealers have yet to adapt.

    Not having a mobile-optimized site means that today’s mobile-oriented consumers will not be able to easily browse your site. This not only presents an inconvenience that could turn a prospect cold but also takes away from your business’ credibility and teeing up for your competition to make a big impression.

    If your site is not currently optimized, it is likely an older site as mobile optimization is so ubiquitous. If a new website with a fresh design is on your radar, mobile friendliness should be reason enough to make the investment.

    1. Drive Impact With Innovative Ad Formats- Google is on a mission to present relevant information in the easiest way possible, or else people would stop using them. For that reason, Google continues to introduce new Ad Extensions.

    These 11 extensions allow users to find or call your business, compare prices, or a number of other things that create a faster solution for a person’s search.

    Stats from the newest ad extension, Visual Sitelinks, are showing up more often as searches for “pictures of [automotive brand]” rose 37% over the last year. This new tool is a powerful new branding tool as dealerships use media from their manufacturer to promote new models driving the Pacific highway, Bonneville, or otherwise.

    Have any more questions?

    Give us a call or drop a comment and let’s adapt together.


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