Facebook Ads for Lawn Service Companies - How to Generate More Lawn Care Customers

    Sep 04, 2020

    Running Facebook ads for lawn service companies is one of the most effective ways to attract new local customers who are in the need of lawn care. Through Facebook’s large audience and extensive advertising targeting options, we can help your landscaping business market to homeowners in a defined geographical radius of your business.

    Lawn care is a service that has the potential to appeal to a very large demographic. If a homeowner has a yard, then he or she is a potential customer. The key is to deliver a creative marketing message that entices them enough to further explore the lawn care services that your company provides.

    The most effective way to draw attention is to showcase how your lawn service solves the problem a potential customer has. If they are cutting their lawn, your service can save them time and the hassle of having to do it themselves. If they currently have a local landscaping company, your service can save them money.

    Creating highly effective Facebook ads for lawn care companies is one of the marketing strategies we use for our clients. Let’s explain why Facebook ads for lawn service businesses are one of the best ways to attract new customers.

    Why Facebook Ads for Landscaping Companies Deliver Results

    The main reason Facebook ads for landscaping companies work so well is because of the available audience the social network gives us access to. No matter where your landscaping company is located and how far your service area extends, we can deliver highly targeted ads to consumers who have a high likelihood of being interested in your lawn care service.

    The ability to serve ads to local consumers with a high probability of having an interest in lawn care is due to the targeting abilities within the Facebook ads platform. We can use logical thinking to identify interests and indicators that group users into a “likely homeowner” category.

    For example, if someone follows the Facebook page of a local homeowner’s association there is a very high probability of them owning a home. Following home remodeling pages and home DIY pages are also strong indicators that we can use to laser target local consumers.

    The biggest challenge most local businesses face when attempting to launch Facebook ads for landscaping companies is the lack of experience and not possessing a full understanding of how the advertising platform works. Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing, which is why agencies that handle multiple ad accounts have a major advantage.

    We run Facebook ads for the majority of our landscaping clients and deliver great results, and it’s our large pool of data that gives us a competitive advantage and helps us achieve the kind of results our clients have come to expect from us.

    So, while Facebook ads for lawn service companies can reach your entire market, it requires the know-how of an experienced Facebook marketing agency to produce results and a strong ROAS (return on ad spend).

    Most Effective Lawn Service Facebook Ads

    Launching a lawn service Facebook ads campaign without a strategy behind it is a recipe for failure. Remember, the average consumer isn’t opening the Facebook app or logging onto Facebook to find a lawn care company.

    It requires a multi-step landscaping Facebook ads campaign to attract interest, generate leads, and secure new customers. Our clients must understand this approach, so we mapped out an easy to understand funnel:

    Broad Local Reach: The first step is to get your offer out to as many local customers that have a high likelihood of needing a lawn care service. Using intelligent targeting strategies, we can place your landscaping Facebook ad in front of potential homeowners in your local service area.

    These will typically direct the consumer to a lead submission form on your website that offers a free estimate. While we can attract leads and customers this way, the majority of your lawn service customers will come from the next remarketing step of the Facebook ads funnel.

    Remarket Previous Engagement: We create a remarketing list that consists of all the local consumers that engaged with your advertisements and/or visited your website. These are people who have previously expressed some level of interest in the landscaping services your business provides.

    Depending on the level of engagement and the pages they visited, we can remarket to them and serve up highly targeted ads based on that previous engagement. For example, if someone was on your website’s weekly lawn care service page, we can place an ad that specifically is marketing that service in front of them. If they were truly interested in that service seeing the offer a second time can push them towards the point of conversion.

    Follow Up with Irresistible Offer: We can also run a remarketing campaign that offers something highly irresistible. This could be something along the lines of “the first week of lawn care is free” or a deeply discounted service. When you offer something hard to pass up and put a time limit on it, we can see leads come in at a high rate, as well as an equally high customer conversion rate.

    Email and SMS Lead Follow Up: The website traffic we attract from Facebook can also be marketed to vis SMS and email, which both have high rates of response. We will often split-test several lead capture forms, some requiring just an email address, and others that also ask for a mobile number. It all comes down to data. Numbers don’t lie, so we continuously optimize the lawn care Facebook ads campaign to ensure we deliver the lowest possible customer acquisition cost.

    As you can see, it requires a lot of strategy and multiple touch-points to effectively generate leads and customers through lawn service Facebook ads. This is why many businesses don’t see great results if they attempt to launch a landscaping Facebook ads campaign with a single-ad approach.

    Get More Landscaping Customers Using Facebook Ads

    Using Facebook ads for lawn care leads is a great strategy, and the process explained above does a great job of attracting new landscaping customers regularly. One of the benefits of hiring a lawn service marketing agency to run your Facebook ads is the ongoing optimization required to keep a campaign running profitably.

    Creatives need to be constantly updated, audiences need to be optimized, and new ad sets rotated out. We have a formula that allows us to constantly market to new potential customers in your market.

    There are always going to be new residents relocating to your area, there will always be home sales, and not everyone stays with the same lawn care company year-after-year. There is an endless supply of potential landscaping customers for your business, and we understand how to get landscaping customers using Facebook ads.

    The investment in landscaping Facebook ads can have a snowball effect, as each new customer can turn into continuous weekly and monthly revenue, with only a one-time acquisition cost. The majority of new customers aren’t looking for single-visit lawn mowing jobs. They are looking for a lawn service company to mow their lawn every week.

    Our agency understands the lawn service industry, which allows us to analyze the data and break down exactly what each new customer costs to acquire and what their lifetime value is relevant to the service they hire you for. At scale, this understanding enables us to help our clients grow quickly using Facebook ads.

    Final Thoughts

    Facebook ads are a great way to generate new customers for local service businesses. With the majority of the U.S. adult population on Facebook, you have direct access to your entire region, and if the consumer is a homeowner with a yard they are a potential lawn care customer for your business.

    The key is to be creative with the initial approach and the follow-up and remarketing. The average consumer isn’t logging into Facebook to find a local lawn care company. They might have the intention of looking at family member’s pictures, but with a well-designed approach, they leave the social network interested in hiring your lawn service company.

    There are several different kinds of Facebook ads for lawn service companies that we can run, all with different objectives. If you would like to learn more about our lawn care Facebook marketing service, please contact us today and our team will be more than happy to explain the different strategies we can leverage to help you attract more local landscaping business.

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