Don't Forget Your New Social Media Followers

    Feb 08, 2016 Jessica Jones

    Building a unique, informative, and even entertaining voice for your brand on social media is hard work. Crafting content that blends your organization’s mission with what your audience is looking for can be considered at least a specialty if not an art form. Distributing information in ways that consistently draws eyes and garners engagement adds a layer of skill to the craft, and reaching a point where your audience is not only seeing your content, but also interacting with you as they help you spread the word, can be a satisfying accomplishment.

    One of the easiest things to forget as a social media pro who’s worked to build a community is that your followers have come to you at different points in the timeline of your digital presence. Do the people who have joined you recently, or even in your history, really know who you are and what you do? If not, they’re not only less likely to understand your brand, they’re also less likely to share your messages with their networks.

    The solution? A simple who-we-are-what-we-do (WWAWWD) post like this one:

    Facebook New Folllowers Post

    The secret to a great WWAWWD post is to keep it simple: tell people what you do and why it sets you apart, give them an example, and close with a call to action. Following these steps creates a snapshot of your brand and reminds people what’s in your lineup of offerings or features without being annoying. As an added bonus, these kinds of posts are easy for your brand loyalists to share when they recommend you to the people in their networks.

    Staying on top of digital media strategy takes a lot of wading through information and advice to find the best fit for your message. Keep coming back to the basics of social like this one and you’ll be on track to great results.

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