Carpet Cleaning Social Media Marketing Tips to Acquire More Customers

    Jun 18, 2021

    To grow a carpet cleaning business, you need to have a consistent flow of inbound leads, all interested in the services you offer, and ready to be converted into paying customers. Social media marketing allows you to reach an active userbase of local consumers that you can introduce to your business, entice with irresistible offers, and turn into lifelong customers.

    Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not. Marketing a carpet cleaning service on social media requires a very calculated approach. Most people are on social media to connect with their friends, seek out distractions and entertainment, and just disconnect from the real world for a bit.

    The last thing on their mind while scrolling through their social feeds is a carpet cleaning business. Most fail at trying to grow using social media because they post dry and direct advertisements – and they are ignored by the audience they are targeting.

    When you combine the fact that it’s not a natural environment to promote and market carpet cleaning services with the competition faced locally, you need to have a well-designed strategy to make the kind of impact of social media that moves the revenue needle enough to justify the effort.

    To help you better understand how to approach a carpet cleaning social media marketing campaign we have put together a list of tips that will help you pull in more leads and customers.

    Promote Irresistible Carpet Cleaning Offers to Drive Sales

    Since carpet cleaning isn’t something most consumers will have on their mind while participating on social media you are going to need an incredible offer to stop them from scrolling, even just for a quick second.

    You need to entice them enough to momentarily pause, and then give them something so irresistible that they cannot resist clicking over to your website for more information. You’re going to have to offer a healthy discount and you are going to have to present it in a completely unexpected way.

    Shock factor in the form of a visual image that will command attention is mandatory. Something like an animated GIF of a woman pouring a bottle of red wine on a white rug is enough to get people to give your post a second look.

    Then, once you get them to glance, you need to put a special offer in front of them that they cannot pass on, given that they are a homeowner whose carpets could use a professional cleaning.

    Offers like “3 Rooms for only $99” or “199 for all carpets in your home” are strong enough to drive interest. Once on your website, your funnel can then direct them to other offers that provide a healthier profit margin. The goal of the irresistible offer is to drive website traffic.

    Push Traffic From Social Media to Your Carpet Cleaning Website ASAP

    Use social media as a way to connect with prospects, and then quickly get them over to your website where you can then convert that interested consumer into a lead while they are still a warm prospect.

    As mentioned above, you need to have an incredible offer paired with a visual that cannot be ignored. From there you need to get the user over to your website as quickly as possible. The faster you accomplish this, the better chance you have at turning the consumer into a carpet cleaning customer.

    Your social media posts need a call-to-action and a link to your website – preferably a landing page with one direct offer and all distractions like menus and sidebars removed. Make sure that you have tracking setup for all of the advertising platforms you use – Facebook pixel, Google tags, etc. – this way you can remarket to these consumers if they don’t convert on the first visit.

    With the right money-saving offer, you can create enough excitement and interest to get people to leave social media and visit your website. Once that happens you have a very short window of opportunity to convert them.

    One of the most effective strategies is to have a single form email submission labeled “Claim Offer,” because if they lose interest or get distracted, you at least capture their email address, allowing you to follow up via a carpet cleaning marketing funnel.

    Run Facebook Ads to Reach 8 out of 10 Consumers in Your Local Market

    As far as paid ads for a carpet cleaning social media campaign, Facebook is the hands-down best option. More than 80 percent of all adults in the United States are active on Facebook, with more than 70 percent active daily.

    This gives you direct access to the majority of adults in your area, and with Facebook’s advanced targeting options you can be sure that the only people seeing your ads are those located within the area you specify in the settings of your Facebook advertising account.

    Facebook is such a powerful platform, and they know this, which is why they cut the organic reach of business pages significantly. Years ago businesses were focused on attracting followers on their page so they could then organically market to that audience.

    Now organic reach has tanked as low as 1 percent for some businesses, making it completely worthless, and not deserving of the effort. Facebook has become a “pay to play” social network, and if you can accept that – they are a business after all – you will fair well by focusing on running a successful Facebook ads campaign for your carpet cleaning business.

    Facebook allows you to create custom audiences to show your ads to. One should be a remarketing list, consisting of everyone who has previously visited your website. We mentioned installing Facebook’s tracking pixel on your website earlier, and this is something that we can assist you with if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself.

    You can also create custom audiences based on interests; an example being people who follow pages related to selling a home or buying a home, as this would put your carpet cleaning ads in front of a targeted group of people who have a high likelihood of needing carpets cleaned.

    This is a service that is often used when selling a home before showing it, as well as after buying a home as new homeowners often like to have the carpets fresh if the cleaning wasn’t provided by the seller.

    There are countless creative targeting strategies we use when we build Facebook ad campaigns for our carpet cleaning marketing clients.

    Final Thoughts

    Creativity along with knowing what social media channels provide access to your target customers can create an additional source of leads for your carpet cleaning business using both organic and paid strategies.

    Expect to spend some time testing different types of organic content until you find a “voice” that speaks to the audience and receives the kind of response you are after. Social media is also great for building brand awareness, so keep that in mind when analyzing the return of your activity and effort.

    If you have any questions about the carpet cleaning social media marketing tips explained above or if you would like to learn more about the social media marketing service we provide, please feel free to reach out and speak to one of our team members. We’d be more than happy to make your carpet cleaning business our next social media marketing success story.

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