Call it Independence Day or Call it Norris Day: Have A Wonderful One!

    Jul 04, 2014 Jessica Jones

    fireworksHere at Slamdot, we value your safety. As such, we advise strong caution on any holidays that are generally associated with the act of blowing stuff up. Everyone knows that blowing stuff up involves certain risks.

    Now, we’re all about using technology to find better solutions, and today I’ve got some suggestions guaranteed not to cause any pesky burns.

    If it’s the loud BANG BANG BANG that you crave, there is, as they say, an app for that. Actually, there are several. Fireworks Bang Holiday and Simulator Fireworks New Year will both gladly provide the sound effects of various kinds of consumer fireworks. All the noise, none of the singed eyebrows!

    If you crave a bit of danger on your Fourth, how about playing with matches? Virtual matches, of course - Firecracker Frenzy lets you explode firecrackers and play with matches at the same time!

    Okay, okay, smartphone apps and browser games probably aren’t going to give you a satisfactory fireworks fix. Of course, for a grand dose of the real thing, nothing can beat going out to see your local Fourth of July fireworks display (I’m not even going to get into the amount of fireworks display simulator apps out there!). We hope you have the chance to get out and enjoy your community this weekend! And if you happen to be in the Farragut area, make sure to wave at the Slamdot Cube in the Farragut Independence Day Parade!

    Personally, I will be eating way too many burgers and attending Norris Day with my husband and various family members. I’m expecting an excellent day, and I wish the same for all of you! Whatever you do with the day, be safe, have fun, and check out those fireworks apps, because they’re pretty hilarious.

    I’ll leave you with a classic song from my very favorite musical, 1776, which, as well as being a great deal of fun, also taught me a lot about what took place in the days leading up to July 4 of that year.

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